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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Book Review - "Eclipse" by Stephenie Meyer (Spoilers)

OK, I liked "Eclipse" better than "New Moon". The pace of the story was great, we saw more Edward and more of the Cullens - which I liked. I loved learning more of the Cullens' back stories.

The build up to the battle was good and the alliance between the "good vampires" and the werewolves against the "bad vampires" led by Victoria was fun. The fight against Victoria was quite gruesome and well told. I still think the development of all the characters is somewhat weak and one-dimensional, except interestingly for Jacob - maybe because of his dual life, we get to know him better.

As for Bella, while she annoyed me less - I still don't really like her. As a heroine for teenage girls, I'm still having trouble with her low self-esteem, her neediness and the fact that she hasn't told her parents about what's going on. I don't like that so many people now know the truth about her and about Edward, including Billy (supposedly her father's best friend) and no one has told Charlie. Someone (maybe Edward?) should sit Charlie down and explain the whole thing to him.



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