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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Do you know what "fluffer" means?

Well, a fluffer is a person whose job is

Why do I bring this up, you might wonder? Well, let me share a lovely holiday anecdote.

A few weeks ago my department was putting up our fake Christmas tree - it was a department party of sorts, with music and fun and general revelry. The tree is one of those that have branches of different sizes identified by letter and they have to be inserted into the matching slots on the tree. However, when the tree is taken down and put away, the branches have to be folded into themselves so they'll all fit in the box. So, when it's time to put the tree together, you have to unfold or "fluff" the branches. Are you with me so far?

OK - so, several of the guys were working on the tree (for some reason it was just men at that point) and I march over to them and announce in a not at all quiet voice "I'm an expert fluffer, but I can only fluff while sitting down!" There was a moment of shocked silence and then they all dissolved in laughter. I'm thinking to myself, "OK, it wasn't that funny, but hey, a laugh's a laugh!" So variations upon fluffing and fluffer were incorporated into the conversation for the rest of the day - always with much laughter and hilarity, and with me oblivious.

When my husband picks me up and we're talking about our day I tell him all about it. He just about stopped in the middle of the street and looks at me and the following conversation ensues:
My husband - "Do you know what that means?"
Me - "Do I know what what means?"
My husband - "That word"
Me - "What word?"
My husband - "Fluffing."
Me - "Apparently not."

Then he proceeds to explain it to me. (sigh) Oh dear! Once again I've inserted my size 7 foot into my size 10 mouth (did I get that expression from you Dixie?). Oh well, I'm sure it won't be the last time.

The next day I got the guys together and told them that I didn't know what the word meant when I had used it - which of course they only found to be even funnier!

Seriously, the mind wobbles!



Blogger sari said...

Oh. My. Dear. Lord.

I had no idea.

But I'm giggling at the thought of you just taking charge and letting everyone know the facts! :-)

7:07 PM  
Blogger Toni Lea Andrews said...

TELL me one of the guys was Lloyd. I am so sorry I missed this. And I would have taken pity and told you what a fluffer is...

9:24 AM  
Blogger Dixie said...

You know you can blame everything of this nature on having gone to an all-girl Catholic high school. It's not necessarily the reason this sort of thing happens to you but it's a good excuse anyway.

I had the meaning of "fluffer" pop into my mind the second I read the title of the post. I shudder to think what that says about me. Heh.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Karoda said...

another blogging is educational moment!

heres wishing you a wonderfilled year ahead!

5:36 PM  

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