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Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Day the Music Died

Today will forever be known as the day the music died.

The event was immortalized in the Don McCLean's song American Pie and in the movie La Bamba.

It's so sad to me when musicians die, especially when they're young and have such promise. Of course any death is sad, but the loss of potential music just gets to me.

So today, while I'm Super Bowl partying with my friends, I'll take a minute and remember Buddy, Richie and the Big Bopper...

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Blogger Dixie said...

Quick story - quick as I can make it, anyway.

B didn't grow up with the same sort of music and movies we did so while he'd heard Buddy Holly, he didn't know what happened to him. Naturally he was very upset at the end of The Buddy Holly Story when I got him to watch it.

Then a few years later I made him watch Sweet Dreams and he freaked out at the ending. Same with The Glenn Miller Story. He swore up and down he was going to brain me if I made him watch another musician-who-died-in-a-plane-crash movie.

So when I got him to watch "La Bamba" he really got upset and claimed that I'd tricked him again and did not buy the idea that it didn't count because it was the same plane crash that killed Buddy Holly.

Now he won't trust me at all with musician movies.

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