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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Aaaaaaaah! It's the 80s!

I picked this up over at Pheasantly Fascinating. If you want to answer - let me know in my comments so I can check it out.

Worst 80's Video: "Rapture" by Blondie. What the hell was going on there?

Best 80's Video: "Take On Me" by A-Ha. Don't you laugh at me it was a cool video dammit! Of course, there's "Thriller" which I believe is brilliant, but that was really more of a mini-movie, don't you think?

Worst 80's Fad: Can my answer be "all of them"? No...fine, then I'll go with the big permed hair. And *yes* - I too had big permed hair. (sigh)

Best 80's Fad: If I *must* pick one, I'll go with big, bright-colored jewelry.

Worst 80's TV Show: Small Wonder. 'Nuff said.

Best 80's TV Show: A lot...let's see, Sitcom: The Cosby Show, Drama: Thirtysomething, Campy: Miami Vice.



Blogger Ms. Calabaza said...

Love your blog - very open and honest. I agree, A-HA was and is one of the all-time best videos. . .

10:59 PM  

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