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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Miriam Makeba Has Died

Miriam Makeba - "Mama Afrika", as she was lovingly known, died this week after collapsing on stage while performing. She had just finished singing her international hit "Pata Pata".

The world has lost a wonderful singer and a beautiful spirit who bravely fought through her art for her country, and who because of that fight was banned from her homeland for 30 years, not allowed to return even for her mother's funeral.

From her hit "I Shall Sing" (written by Van Morrison)

"I shall sing, sing my song
Be it right, be it wrong
In the night, in the day
Anyhow, anyway"

There'll be joyful "clicking" in heaven today...Uhambe kakuhle (have a good journey in xhaso) Miriam...

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