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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Magnificent Beast! aka The Christmas Goose

Look at it! Look how pretty! It's a goose! My sister-in-law Cristi (she lives in Texas with hubby's brother and my adorable niece) was head chef for this year's Christmas dinner and I served as sous chef. I actually peeled potatoes. Don't start with me people (that means you Cris!) - I did TOO peel potatoes - look:

In addition to the goose we had a pear and Stilton cheese appetizer; grilled filet; wild rice, cranberry and sage sausage dressing; pear hard cider gravy; brussels sprouts with caramelized balsamic onions; rutabaga-potato mash; and green beans - served with a nice Malbec wine. For dessert we had "figgy" pudding, pumpkin pie and cranberry-pear tarts followed by mulled apple cider - brandy optional.

Neither of us had ever eaten, let alone made goose, so it was a combination of various recipes and Cristi's phenomenal culinary instinct. It was delicious - similar in taste and texture to duck, but with a stronger, gamier taste. I liked everything! The fig pudding - actually called Christmas pudding was intense with a little going a long way, but I'll have more later.

Look at the pear-Stilton appetizer, the dressing and the Christmas (fig) pudding:

Neat huh?

This is part of the family at the dinner table:

We ate a lot and laughed a lot - I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours.

The weather has improved it's in the 40s today and will go as high as low 60s in the next couple of days. I'm managing to keep the cold from hell somewhat under control, it got kinda hairy on Christmas Eve, but I'm feeling better now. We've mostly been hanging at the house with friends and family, playing games, watching TV, talking and laughing - lots of laughing! The next big event will be my other sister-in-law's (Hubby's sister) bridal shower - fun!

I'll post again when the muse the meantime make merry!

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Blogger purplepassion said...

Hmmm...if goose tastes gamey then not sure I would like it but it sounds like it all went off without a hitch! How much fun! Stay warm, my friend. I miss you terribly.

8:12 AM  

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