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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Julio Iglesias

Raise your hands if Julio Iglesias - even at 63 - still makes your knees weebly-wobbly when he sings [waving my right hand high in the air].

I was watching Tuesday's "The View" on my TIVO-like substance, and he was on to promote his new English-language album Romantic Classics .

He sang Willie Nelson's (We love you Willie! Keep on keeping on!) "Always on My Mind". He was all off key in that Julio Iglesias way, but it was just so damned sexy! He really doesn't even look all that good anymore - but the man just oozes a sexuality that his handsome yet (IMO) vapid son Enrique can only hope to achieve some day.

The snippets I listened to from the album are fabulous - there are some wonderful *old school* songs like "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World", "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart", "This Guy's in Love With You", and even Perry Como's (there's a blast from the past!) "It's Impossible", as well as some 80s romantic pop. (Useless Trivia Alert: "It's Impossible" was originally written by a Mexican composer named Armando Manzanero - the song in Spanish is called "Somos Novios" - the lyrics are not a translation, the subject matter is different.)

Needless to say the CD is going on my Christmas List.


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