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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol Recap - Neil Diamond Week

I was really excited about this week because I loves me some Neil Diamond! He has such a fantastic repertoire that I thought everyone had a good chance. The night turned out to be so-so.
I'm going to comment in the order they performed, scoring each performance then getting the average of the two scores.

Jason - Forever in Blue Jeans - I love this song, although I will confess that for years while growing up I thought the name of the song was "Reverend Blue Jeans"! Anyway, Jason started off a bit shaky but he progressed nicely; it's a good song for him but it was an unexpected choice; he seemed nervous - I'm worried about him. Score: 6

David Cook - I'm Alive - I'd never heard this song, so I don;t know if he changed the arrangement or not but I loved it! He looked and sounded great; excellent song choice; great performance. Score: 10

Brooke - I'm a Believer - Great song, bad performance; she was singing too low for her voice so it was all over the place; she didn't look comfortable, she didn't look pretty - too much makeup; it didn't work for me. Score - 5

David Archuleta - Sweet Caroline - OHMYGOD! WTH? This child has taken a classic song and mangled it! The arrangement didn't "make it his own", it messed up a great song. AND it wasn't even that good a vocal from him. Why are the judges trying so hard to sell us this dorky kid? My knee-jerk score last night was *1*, but since he didn't forget the words or fall down...Score - 3

Syesha - Hello Again - A beautiful, beautiful song and she started it off beautifully. She looked great and sang the song softly and sweetly; sadly about half way through she became possessed by the Whitney/Mariah/Celine poltergeist and she started shrieking what is supposed to be a contemplative song about a relationship gone astray; then she ended it OK. Score - 5

Half Time Commentary - Paula was high as an Afghan kite. She commented on Jason's *second* performance, before it happened. She said it was "forgettable" - DUH! maybe because it never happened! Dumbazz - why does she have a job?

Moving on to Part 2

Jason - September Morn' - Very, very nice; beautiful song and his voice is perfect for it; he's usally cute, but this time he was romantic - made me a little swoony...; he looked beautiful; good performance; may have saved himself but I'm still worried. Score - 8

David Cook - All I Really Need Is You - I don't know this song; I'm not liking this as much as the first one, but it picked up int he middle when it went uptempo; the mellower parts didn't work as well; still good though. Score - 8

Brooke - I Am I Said - one of my favorite Neil Diamond songs; much, much better than the first performance; this is her element; wonderful choice for her; her voice was beautiful and her performance honest; may have saved her. Score - 9

Archuleta - America - OK, I was going to hate the performance of this song, regardless of who sang it - so of course, who sings it? My own personal Sanjaya of course! The song is beyond cheesy and gimmicky and annoying - as is Archuleta; to me it's shameless pandering and I'm not buying it; his voice was better on this one than the first one, but no. Score - 4

Syesha - Thank the Lord for the Night Time - I didn't know this song but she made me like it; perfect song for her; brings out the performer/singer in her as Simon said; she owned the stage, she seemed comfortable, like she was enjoying it; she totally sold the song. Score - 9

Combined Average Score "in no particular order" (ooops, that's another show! BWAHAHAHA!)

Jason - 7
David Cook - 9
Brooke - 7
Archuleta - 3.5
Syesha - 7

My Bottom Two
- David Archuleta and Syesha
Who do I want to see leave? - David Archuleta

Their Bottom
Two - Jason and Syesha
Who will leave? Syesha



Blogger BeckEye said...

It would be so like AI to kick off Syesha when she FINALLY puts in a really good performance. But, I think the producers really want rid of Jason so badly that they will make it happen. The judges couldn't have been more blatant in their dislike for him last night. Sheesh. And after he shared his weed with Paula.

12:52 PM  
Blogger TroyBoy said...

Well, you wrong - THANK GAWD! Buh-Bye Brooke. Now go cry someone else a river.

9:07 AM  

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