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Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic Convention - Monday Night

I thought it was a wonderful beginning.

I was watching mostly C-SPAN so I got to see most of the non-star speeches, which were very interesting, but Pelosi, Kennedy and Michelle rocked the house.

Pelosi did a wonderful job enumerating the successes of the Democratic House despite the fact they were facing the possibility of Dubyuh's vetoes.

Ted Kennedy slayed me. CNN had been saying that the trip had been difficult and that even though there was a speech written for him he would probably be too sick to speak, I was expecting him to come out in a wheelchair and all frail and sickly looking - but he looked great! I had already started crying during Caroline's introduction and throughout the tribute film, by the time he came out I was a wreck - I cried the whole way through. God bless him!

And then the Michelle film, her brother and finally Michelle herself. Phenomenal speech, fantastic delivery, amazing presence. I've liked her all along, and tonight I like her so much more. Just compare and contrast her to Laura Bush - and Cindy much more *real*.

Tomorrow we have Hillary - I can't wait!



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