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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

YAY! A Meme! Ten Firsts

It's been forever since I posted a meme. So now, I'm going to do a bunch of them in a row. I got this from Tere over at A Mom, A Blog, and the Life In Between, only she did them all in one shot, I'm going to string them out...if you want to do any of them, let me know in my comments please!

1. First Best Friend: Glenda
2. First Hamster: ICK! It's a glorified rat - I never had one
3. First Piercing: Ears - I was like 4 months old - like a good Cuban baby girl
4. First High School Crush: Joseph C.
5. First CD: I know I held out on the whole CD instead of vinyl thing for a while, but I don't remember the first one
6. First Car: I don't drive (gasp!)
7. First Love: Artie P.
8. First Stuffed Animal: No idea!
9. First Concert: David Cassidy - I was 8 years old
10. First Time Drunk: It was under parental supervision! I was 12 years old and it was New Year's Day, my whole family was at a friend's house for a pig roast. One of the adults had the brilliant idea of putting a Sangria pitcher in the Florida Room wit the tasted like really good Kool Aid! Have you ever gotten drunk from sangria? It ain't pretty.



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