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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Great Lyrics of the 80s

Many of you may know that there is a huge part of the 80s that I don't remember - not due to chemical enhancement, I swear - it was just a difficult time in my life and apparently my brain has graciously helped me block most of it out. And I'm fine with that.

This situation however, has not overridden my freakish memory for lyrics. The minute the song starts to play I know all the words regardless of how wretched I think the song is and despite the fact that I can't tell most of the 80s bands apart. I pretty much think - and don't hate me for this people! - that with some significantly notable exceptions 80s pop music was pretty much dreck.

However, even within said dreck there are occasional lyric jewels to be found. I recently sat through a video of
Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam with Full Force (I mean really people, WTF?), it was the one for All Cried Out. Apparently the song has been remade several times, but the *real* one is Lisa Lisa'a.

ANYWAY, in this most ridiculously over-the-top song there is a lyric that I think is fantastic. See, Lisa Lisa is singing (I'm using the term loosely) about how this guy who she totally loved cheated on her and treated her badly, blah, blah, blah, and apparently the guy has now offered some lame-azzed apology (as sung by one of the Cult Jammers with Full Force). But Lisa Lisa is having none of that nonsense and she delivers THE line:

"Apology not accepted, add me to the broken hearts you've collected"

Seriously - brilliant! She used the "accepted-collected" rhyme! Can you do that with so much conviction? I think not! And, if you listen to the song, the melody even changes - it's all syncopated with emphasis on certain syllables, giving the statement even more conviction:


Oh well, I think it's cool.

Do you have any specific lyrics that really stick with you- in a good way? I have tons. I'll try and think of more, meanwhile, tell me yours!

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Blogger Muffy St. Bernard said...

I too am an unfortunate repository of '80s lyrics, and I agree that collected/rejected is a stand-out line.

I've always thought Thomas Dolby was a brilliant (and underappreciated) lyricist, probably partly because I was a bleak child of technology. His weird mix of imagery was both cold and achingly human. From "Airwaves":

"Be in my broadcast,
when this is over,
give me your shoulder...
I need a place to
wait for morning.

"Oh, it was nothing,
some car backfirin',
please don't ask questions...
I itch all over,
let me sleep."

Of course, there are some classic Depeche Mode quips too:

"I don't want to start
any blasphemous rumours
but I think that God's got
a sick sense of humour, and
when I die, I expect to
find him laughing."

9:00 AM  

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