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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol Recap - Top 10 - Motown

Rather than start all the comments with “great song!” let’s just assume those words are there unless I say otherwise. I mean – it’s Motown – great songs by default. And how much do we love Smokey Robinson? And I loved that he actually gave them usable advice.

MattLet’s Get It On – You know I’ve found him boring thus far, but today I liked him a lot! He was comfortable without the piano, he looked good, kinda sexy, I liked it – not boring. My score – 8

KrisHow Sweet It Is – This guy is so cute! He sounded smooth with little hints of roughness that was hot; very likable; a powerful but understated performance; he makes it look easy. My score – 9

ScottYou Can’t Hurry Love – (Yawn) I wish he had hurried this performance! He needs to get gone; while his piano playing is lovely, his voice just isn’t there for me; he just didn’t engage me even though the song is wonderful; boring. My score – 6

MeganFor Once In My Life – she looked beautiful; even though her vocal was wobbly and far from perfect there’s something about her – not just her beauty - that I find compelling, she entertains me and is pleasantly unpredictable; I like this girl, but she may be in trouble tonight. My score – 7

AnoopOoh, Baby, Baby – Love him! Sensitive Anoop is back and he’s damned good; he hit the high notes well on a really difficult song; sweet, powerful performance. My score – 8

MichaelAin’t Too Proud to Beg – Ummm…no. I like Michael, and I like his voice, but this wasn’t good; he didn’t sell the lyrics and the feeling of the song; IMO he’s in trouble. My score – 6

LilHeatwave – One of the few songs performed tonight that I don’t really like; I’m disappointed she didn’t sing Gladys knight – she would have been perfect!; she looked beautiful and of course sounded great, but she could have done so much better. My score – 8

AdamTracks of My Tears – OMG! Adam is SO the man! I triple loved this! Acoustic Adam is awesome; he looked great, sounded great; owned the song and gave the performance of the show; I have forgiven him for last week. My score – 10!

DannyGet Ready – He didn’t listen to Smokey’s advice but it worked out; he was really good; difficult to follow Adam’s performance but he held his own; I liked it a lot. My score – 9

AllisonPapa Was a Rolling Stone – of course she sang it wonderfully, but I didn’t feel it; I don’t know what it is but I just don’t get her; she is leaps and bounds better than Megan, yet I prefer Megan; didn’t like the outfit at all. My score - 8

Who I Think *Should* Go Home:


Who I Think *Will* Go Home:


What do you think?



Blogger sari said...

I have to say, I LOVED Adam last night! He was by far my favorite, he really did a terrific job on one of my very favorite songs.

I think Michael Sarver should go home. I don't think Megan did a good job, her song was a bad choice, but I like her.

I always like Matt, and thought he did a great job, but Adam wins last night, hands down.

(my word verification is "admas", which when you re-arrange, agrees with my opinion, ha ha)

3:53 PM  
Blogger sari said...

Oh, and I kept thinking "WHY DID YOU NOT LISTEN TO SMOKEY'S ADVICE!!!" every time Danny sang the verses last night.



3:55 PM  

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