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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idol Recap - Top 5 - Rat Pack/Standards

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In prior years I’ve said that “Standards” is my favorite American Idol theme. I love these songs and adding the Rat Pack twist was fun. But Jamie Foxx? Really?

KrisThe Way You Look Tonight – I love this song; this boy is so damned cute!; he updated the arrangement a little but stayed true to the song; the thing with Kris is he doesn’t have a great big voice but he really knows how to work with what he’s got and picks songs that fit his voice; I really liked the performance. My score – 9

AlisonSomeone To Watch Over Me – Another favorite for me; I liked what she was wearing and thought she looked lovely – except for the god-awful hair; finally she sang a song that is age appropriate but her voice just doesn’t work for the song, she doesn’t sound vulnerable enough; this is probably the performance I’ve least disliked by her, but although her voice was as always good, I didn’t like it. My score (based on voice quality not performance) – 8

MattMy Funny Valentine – (sigh) a boring song by a boring guy; I really expected him to shine in this category and he just didn’t; it got better towards the end of the song and he hit the last note nicely but I have been over him since he made the Top 13! My score – 7

DannyCome Rain or Come Shine - love the song, great choice for him; he looked great and sounded fantastic; his smoky voice worked really well for this genre; he needed to “bring it” and he did; excellent! My score – 9

AdamFeeling Good – I really don’t like this song, but Adam totally nailed it; I knew he would do well in this genre; he totally owned the stage, the song and the audience; it was a bit over-the-top but it worked; I think this was the performance of the night. My score - 10

Who I Think Should Go Home:
Matt (surprise!)

Who I Think Will Go Home:

What do you think? Do you like the old standards? Was Adam too much?



Blogger Cristina said...

I was expecting Harry Connick Jr. or Rod Stewart to step out of the limo. When I saw Jamie Foxx I thought Oh, for Pete's sake gimme a break! But I stand corrected. I think he gave them some of the best advice they have gotten all season. I think he did a great job coaching them.

2:19 PM  

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