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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol Recap - Top 7 - Songs from Movies

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Wow! Talk about a huge pool of songs! I wonder if they had some parameters. And Quentin Tarantino – love him!

AllisonI Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – I love this song! Her outfit was better than usual; her voice was fine, but I thought not as good as usual – however the judges were raving, so what do I know? I still don’t get her.
My score – 7

Anoop(Everything I Do) I Do It for You – The song is OK but a bit boring; he looks good, I like the outfit; sounds really good, he held a pretty note in the middle of the song; even though the song isn’t my favorite I liked the performance; I like Anoop a lot. My score – 8

AdamBorn To Be Wild – One of the best songs ever! Now see, this time he changed the arrangement, but it was OK because it stayed true to the spirit of the song; I liked the changes, they suit his voice and style; he looks great; the high notes were awesome; Wow! My score – 10

MattHave You Ever Really Loved a Woman? - beautiful song; pretty piano playing; his voice is awful tonight; uh oh…boring Matt is back (yawn). My score – 6

DannyEndless Love – another beautiful song; he looks good; his voice sounds great with a lot of emotion; very sweet rendition; I loved it. My score – 9

KrisFalling Slowly – I don’t know this song; it’s pretty; he looks cute as usual; he sounds great; the high notes were beautiful but the song was a bit boring. My score – 8

LilThe Rose – a great song; she looks good; her voice is off, alternately wavering and shouting; this was bad; I think she’s done. My score - 5

Who I Think Should Go Home:

Who I Think Will Go Home:
Lil – she saved Matt’s azz this week!

What do you think? Is Lil going home?



Blogger sari said...

You should listen to Falling Slowly - it's from Once (a movie) and the movie and the music are all great!

(and, it won the Oscar for best song...last year??)

1:15 AM  

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