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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol recap - Top 8 - Songs From The Year You Were Born

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OK, so if I had to sing a song from the year I was born (1963), I’d pick “He’s So Fine” by The Chiffons, or “Puff the Magic Dragon” by Peter, Paul and Mary – but I think I’d be *pitchy* on "Puff". Which song would you pick?

Flash forward 45 years and we have the Top 8…

Danny – 1980 – Stand By Me - Hated the arrangement of this beautiful song; his voice sounded different to me, but still good; I liked the end more than the rest of the song; it was OK, but not a favorite. My score - 8

Kris – 1985 – All She Wants To Do Is Dance – I love this song; I think all the judges were sharing Paula’s drugs, because they were kvetching, but I thought he did an excellent job!; he looked great and sounded great; I love how easy and no-frills his performances are but he’s not boring. My score – 9

Lil – 1984 – What’s Love Got To Do With It – Lil, Lil, Lil…Tina Turner? Really? She managed to make this fantastic song boring! Her voice as usual was great and I liked how she looked, but it her lame-azzed Tina imitation was a big mistake; she seems to be self-destructing. My score - 7

Anoop – 1986 –True Colors – Anooooooooooooop’s in da’house! Love the song, loved the performance, love Anoop! Flush from the Tar Heels victory last night, homeboy *brung it*!; he makes me smile. My score - 9

Scott – 1985 – The Search Is Over – The search may be over, but sadly Scott’s performances aren’t – yet; please America…make…it…stop! This performance was just god-awful; he was yelling – that’s not emotion, that’s just loud; the guitar looked like a limp appendage, there was no reason for it to be there, it served no purpose – what will he bring out next (if he survives), a bassoon? He needs to be gone. My score - 4

Allison – 1992 (!) – I Can’t Make you Love Me – OK, you know what? Just kill me now; go ahead – I don't care I’m gonna say it: I didn’t like this performance *at all*! Yes her voice was great as always, fine, whatever; the song was *completely* inappropriate and nonsensical for a 16 year old! Hello? Have the judges *listened* to the words? Talk about “too old for her” – isn’t that what the judges bitched about to Alexis? And again, despite the quality of her voice, I just don’t like how she looks, performs, moves, etc. And OHMYGOD – what was that child wearing? It was like a punk rumba outfit! Just no! My score – 7

Matt – 1985 – Part Time Lover – Damn it all if the boy didn’t suck me back in; I really liked this! I love the song, and that blue-eyed soul thing he had going really worked for me; he wasn’t boring this week; and the cocked hat covered the forehead pimple which is always a good thing. My score - 8

Adam – 1982 – Mad World – Wow! I didn’t know the song and it didn’t matter – I loved it! I love, love, love low key Adam; he looked great and that falsetto at the end was amazing; totally connected emotionally; I’m changing my mind I think Adam is going to win this thing. My score - 10

Who I Think Should Go Home:

Who I Think Will Go Home:

What do you think? Will America put me out of my misery and send Scott home?



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