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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Recap - Top 7: The Sequel - Disco Week

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OK. I have no words for last week’s “saving” of Matt so…interpret my silence.

*Three* Donna Summer songs! Was this Disco Week or Donna Summer Week? Well, when you think about it – is there a difference, really?

I have to say - this week was a surprise for me for several reasons. I thought it would be disastrous for Kris and Danny and I thought it would be a boogie wonderland for Adam and maybe even Lil. Great spinning disco balls, was I wrong!

Now, put on your highly flammable but shiny qiana shirts with your ankle-threatening platform shoes and let’s boogie-oogie-oogie

LilI’m Every Woman – fantastic song, horrible performance; she looked good, but her voice was all over the place and shrieky; say goodbye to Lil. My score – 5

KrisShe Works Hard for the Money – Wow! He went acoustic and it was awesome! He looked adorable; his voice was spot on; loved it, loved it, loved it; I will download this version; for me, the performance of the night. My score – 10

DannySeptember – An Earth, Wind and Fire classic and he nailed it; he looked great and sounded better; his high notes were excellent; loved him, but he really needs to *not* dance! My score – 9

AlisonHot Stuff – No, no, no! Literally minutes before she sang I told my husband that I really, really, really didn’t want to hear a 16 year old sing: “I’m looking for some hot stuff baby this evening, I need some hot stuff, baby tonight”, and sure enough – the 16 year old sang it. She looked like a cheap hooker; her voice as always was strong, but she wasn’t at her best; I didn’t like anything about the performance; again – I just don’t get her. My score – 6

AdamIf I Can’t Have You – great song, disappointing performance; OK, so maybe *I* was the only one that wanted him to bust out and sing “It’s Raining Men”, but I hated this arrangement; he looked great and his voice was as usual fantastic, if a bit shrieky. But no…just no. My score - 8.

MattStaying Alive – No the irony did not escape me (sigh, rolling eyes). Anyway, great song - boring performance; he looked good, what with the hat covering the pimple of doom; the performance was a little frenetic; his voice was OK, but that last note was brutal. So can he please leave *now*? My score – 6

AnoopDim All The Lights - Great song and he looked fantastic, I’m loving the fuzzy Anoop! He sounded good, looked comfortable, hit the high notes. I really liked it. My score - 9

Who I Think Should Go Home:
Lil and Matt

Who I Think Will Go Home:
Lil and Matt

What do you think? Are we *finally* getting rid of Matt? Is it the end of the road for Lil?



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