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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol Recap - Top 3 - Where the Boys Are

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Well, it’s almost over. Frankly, I wouldn’t have a problem with any of the remaining three winning this thing, I think they’re all very talented. However, I have to say I was a little disappointed tonight, I expected everyone to bring their A+ game and I don’t think they did.

First the Judges choices:

DannyDance Little Sister – (Paula); I’ve never heard the song, so I really don’t know if he “made it his own”; he sounded good and looked good; I liked the performance but found it a bit boring. My score - 8

Kris - Apologize – (Randy and Kara); I love this song and I loved the performance; he sounded great and connected with the emotions of the song; he hit the high notes nicely and as usual he looked adorable. My score - 9

AdamOne – (Simon); fantastic song and a good choice for Adam; the slow parts were beautiful, but the high parts were good but too “screamy” for me; not my favorite of his performances, I expected better. My score - 9

Now the Singers’ choices:

DannyYou Are So Beautiful – A beautiful song but way too safe a choice for tonight; it suits his voice and the arrangement was good; I liked it better in the high parts; he should have taken more of a risk; he was fine but I’m disappointed. My score - 8

KrisHeartless – A Kanye West song! *That* ladies and gentlemen was brave! He did an acoustic arrangement for a hip hop song and he nailed it; I loved, loved, loved this; excellent vocal; very cool. IMO this was the performance of the night. My score - 10

AdamCrying – great song; didn’t love the arrangement; again too much screaming, but unlike Danny’s Aerosmith performance last week, Adam was screaming in tune. This is Adam, of course it was a good performance, but it was predictable and disappointing; he could have done and has done much, much better. My score - 9

My average scores:
Danny – 7.5
Kris – 9.5
Adam - 9

Who I Think Should Go Home:

Who I Think Will Go Home:

Were you disappointed? Did your favorite meet your expectations? Do you think it’s a done deal and Adam is going to win?



Blogger sari said...

I think Adam is by far and away the most comfortable "performer" ever to be on Idol....but I want Kris to win!

I liked Danny from the start, but as the season went on, I felt like he didn't show any range other than belting out pop-lite tunes. I think he's a great singer, for sure, but I'm hoping that Kris can pull it off next week. He seems like the most talented at actually being a singer/musician and very down to earth and nice.

Adam is great, but I just don't *like* him as much. I don't not like him, but I don't think I'd actually buy a cd he put out, whereas with Kris I would much more likely get it.

4:28 PM  

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