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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol Recap - Top 4 - Rock Week

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Rock is really not my genre and this week’s “mentor” Slash scares me - but I have to say the songs tonight weren’t bad. I’m also thrilled that they *finally* did what I had been saying they should do for years – duets! I loved that! I think how a *pop star* handles duets is relevant, since they will eventually have to do it – be it in awards shows, or benefit shows, or tribute records, etc.

First I’ll review the duets:

Danny and KrisRenegade – loved it! Excellent pairing and an excellent song for them; they harmonized really well and sounded better together than not. My scores: Duet – 10; Danny – 9; Kris – 8.

Adam and AllisonSlow Ride – good song, but I think they could have probably found a better one for these two; they sounded great, both together and apart; fantastic performance. My scores: Duet – 10; Adam – 10; Allison – 10

Now for the individual performances…

AdamWhole Lotta Love – Wow! He seemed perfectly at ease; he owned the stage; he was doing way too much screaming for my taste but that's how the song goes and he did it perfectly, I didn’t hear a bad note, his control was incredible; while I don’t like the song at all, I loved the performance. My score – 10

AllisonCry Baby – very gutsy and risky on Allison’s part and she totally pulled it off; she has the perfect voice to sing Janis Joplin; she looked OK, but I liked her duet outfit better; the hair which has been bothering me all season looked good for tonight’s genre; I haven’t really *gotten* her throughout the season, but tonight without a doubt it was my absolute favorite performance for her; this is definitely her genre. My score – 10

KrisCome Together – great song; as usual he looked adorable; he sounded OK, but it was a bit boring; in addition to his voice and looks, Kris’ strength has been that he makes performing seem easy, today it didn’t flow, it didn’t seem easy; even though he pulled it off it was his weakest performance. My score – 8

DannyDream On – great song…but not for Danny; Ouch! While there were some good moments, it really fell apart towards the end; when he started with the high notes he sounded hoarse and that final note was a crime against music and all that is good; both in this song and in the duet he seemed winded on the long notes, like he was running out of steam; I think this may be the end of the road for Danny. My score – 7

Who I Think Should Go Home:

Who I Think Will Go Home:


Do you think that in order for Adam to lose this thing he'd pretty much have to kill and eat Paula's chihuahua on stage? Does Slash scare you too? Did Rock Week put the *Go* in Gokey?



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