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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Lola Shuffle - The "Mother's Day" Edition

Happy Mother's Day Mami! If I know you, you'll be first in line (well maybe not first, you do like to sleep in) for Heaven's Mother's Day Brunch Extravaganza. Eat as many oysters as you can fit on your plate along with super rare prime rib, and for dessert your favorite chocolate mousse and floating islands - all washed down with never ending mimosas of course. I love you and miss you so much.

Oh how my mom loved Mother's Day brunches! The whole idea of being able to get as much as she wanted of whatever she wanted as well as mimosas delighted her to no end. It was always the same procedure - my Dad (and later David) would sit at the table while Mami and I went first, of course! First we'd case the whole thing out...check out what was where, what the dessert table looked like, etc. Then we'd strategize as to what to attack first. Usually we'd bypass the regular breakfasty stuff and head for the seafood raw bar where my mother would proceed to get 82,345 raw oysters on the half shell. And bread..always bread. After that she'd work her way through till she got to the carving station and manage to get the reddest, bloodiest slices of Prime Rib available. And then of course...dessert. Once we were done, we would always go to our favorite Cuban restaurant for some good cuban coffee . The espresso served at the brunch wouldn't do - it must be café cubano.

I've pulled up my "Mami Playlist" on Lola...let's see what we get:
  1. That's Amore - Dean Martin
  2. Glow Worm - The Mills Brothers
  3. Drume Negrita - Bola de Nieve (one of my mom's favorites!)
  4. What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
  5. I Get a Kick Out of You - Frank Sinatra
  6. Just In Time - Tony Bennett
  7. La Vie en Rose - Edith Piaf (as some of you know this was my parents' song)
  8. Mambo - Cachao
  9. Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman Orchestra
  10. Bonito y Sabroso - Beny More

Since my mom is gone and Hubby's mom is in Pennsylvania, on Sunday we're planning on shutting all the blinds, turning the air conditioner down cold and watching Planet Earth - the Complete BBC Series in its entirety! All 9 hours of it!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, especially the Moms!



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