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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Saints Came Marching In

I saw part of the pre-show for tonight's football game. It was the first game to be played in the New Orleans Superdome since the horrors of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, the first time in almost two years that the Saints played a home game *at home*. The New Orleans Saints vs. the Atlanta Falcons. Last time I looked the Saints were winning.

I watched Greenday and U2 performing along with some of the city's musicians. The performance was phenomenal. I was all goosebumpy and eventually just started crying.

It felt so strange to see the Superdome, such a symbol of the nightmare endured by New Orleans, now rocking and rolling and cheering on good music and good football. The fans were ecstatic as the Saints came onto the field. So many signs celebrating the rebuilding of the Superdome and the return of the Saints. But I was ambivalent.

The coverage also talked about the Lower 9th Ward and other areas of the city still destroyed and abandoned - ghost towns. It seemed wrong that people were playing football, it felt wrong so much money was spent to rebuild a place that had housed such horrific situations.

The whole time my husband and the TV announcers were telling me how good it was for the city that the stadium was back...that football was back. And I understand that, completely. And to a degree I agree and am happy for that.

But gut reaction was that the Superdome should not have been rebuilt, that it should have been razed and a new stadium built somewhere else. That's probably not practical, I know.

Well, tonight I'm a New Orleans Saints fan. Tonight I want them to win - for the fans, for the city and for hope. close to the stadium, a ghost town still waits for the saints to come marching down its abandoned streets.


Blogger sari said...

Nice post, I like it.

I remember after 9/11, when the World Series was played in NYC. It was a real bonding experience for everyone that lived there, and a really great thing. It was nice to see some of that last night.

I agree horrible things happened in the Superdome, and probably for the cost, they rebuilt it instead of moving to another place and starting over. But I also believe that you can CHOOSE to be something other than your experiences, if you say "Oh I was dealt a crap hand" and concentrate on that, all you have will be crap. If you make a conscious decision to go a different direction, to make your own outcome in life, then things will be different.

I hope that the change will be enough to overcome the past in New Orleans. I hope people don't forget and let the rest of New Orleans languish and rot. I hope they can apply that effort to other things too.

11:04 AM  

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