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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

American Idol Recap - Week 5

Latin Week!

Jennifer Lopez was the mentor. I have to say I'm not a JLo hater - she's OK. She seemed nice to the contestants and seemed like she wanted to help.

Frankly I was completely nonplussed by this week's show and none of the contestants blew me out of the water. Most seemed concerned about how to "move" and IMO wound up looking too self conscious about their movements. JLo tried to tell them to not think about it, but, of course, they didn't listen.

Let's go...

Melinda - "Sway" - I LOVE this song! She looked great, sounded great and gave a good performance. I thought this was the performance of the night.

LaKisha - "Conga" - OK, I'll admit, while I like the song, because this is Miami, I'm pretty much conga'd out. LaKisha's voice was very good, but not her best performance. She looked OK, but I didn't like her "dancing".

Chris R. - "Smooth" - About as opposite of smooth as he could be. He took a great song and massacred it. I thought his voice was awful.

Haley - "Turn the Beat Around" - OHMYGOD! What was with the restless leg syndrome at the beginning of the performance? Bring in the "REQUIP"
! STAT! She sounded awful as usual, but today she didn't even look pretty. Again with the short shorts, no bra and gratuitous shimmy - but this time she wore *porn shoes*!!! A train wreck. And seriously, after what Simon said to her tonight about her strategy beings to wear as little as possible (I happen to agree) - if next week she doesn't wear a turtle neck and long pants she'll prove him (and me) right.

Phil - "Maria, Maria" - I love this guy's voice and I thought his performance was OK. I thought he looked better, like he gained some weight (maybe he ate the corn dogs like I told him!). I'm still worried about his connection with the audience (or lack thereof).

- "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You" - The song is OK and she sang it well. I didn't like her outfit and again, she seemed self-conscious about her dancing. I think this was her worst performance to date, but she's still OK.

- "I Need To Know" - I love this song. Blake tried to sing it like Marc Anthony, but he simply doesn't have the voice for it. His outfit was absurd - the whole thing was a mess.

Sanjaya - "Besame Mucho" - I swear I didn't
drink the Kool-Aid, but this week Sanjaya wasn't awful. Props for singing part of the song in Spanish and while the singing started out rough it actually got better as he progressed. By far his best performance, and IMO he's not even in the bottom 3!

Bottom Three: Haley, Chris R. and Blake

Going Home: Haley

NOTE - I will be on vacation next week - New Orleans here we come! - so there won't be an American Idol Recap.



Blogger Toni Lea Andrews said...

The upbeat songs -- Conga, Rhythm is Gonna Get You, Turn the Beat Around -- are more about dancing than singing (even in their original form) so not good idol choices.

And I hope Sanjaya gets voted through, just because I CAN'T WAIT to see what he does with Country Western material...

7:43 AM  
Blogger purplepassion said...

Blake was the performance of the evening and Sanjaya was not bad!

I think we expect so much from the girls who until last night have always outsung the boys that last night we were disappointed since they didn't WOW us.

I also think Idol shouldn't do Latin Music as a theme ever again, it was painful to listen to, a rough night for almost everyone.

I think Phil (although I think he did OK) will go because Haley has legs not because she sings so much better.

11:45 AM  
Blogger sari said...

No one had the Latin soul.

You know it's sad when you're not even thinking that Sanjaya will go home. He reminded me of Constantine from a few years ago with all his "camera eyeballing".

I said it on another blog, but I like J-Lo's laugh.

Have a great trip!! :-)

7:08 PM  

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