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Monday, April 9, 2007

Evening with Friends

Saturday night my husband and I went to a barbecue at a friends house. A mutual friend who we all met playing World of Warcraft came to town so we all got together. It was a lot of fun.

In addition to the lovely barbecue, I've developed a fondness for
Lambic. I actually tried the raspberry flavored lambic at a Vietnamese restaurant a while ago, but didn't like it. Probably because I don't like raspberries that much. But this time I drank peach lambic and it was fabulous! Actually I drank a lot of peach lambic. And my other new favorite - Hard Cider. I drank a lot of that too.

And then we watched the movie
"Borat". Alas, I hadn't drunk enough lambic and hard cider to enjoy it. Frankly, I don't think there's enough lambic and hard cider in the world that would make me enjoy it. I am glad I saw it though, because now I can unequivocally say I don't like "Borat". At all. There wasn't any part I can say I enjoyed. I did sort of laugh a couple of times, but mostly it was at my husband and friends laughing so hard.

That's the beauty of getting together with good friends - you can watch a movie you really (really!) don't like, but it totally doesn't matter. You have a great time anyway.



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