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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

American Idol Recap - Week 9

Bee Gees Week

I don't know why they waited this late in the competition to do Bee Gees songs. They have a huge repertoire - much more than eight songs!

My husband told me I couldn't be objective tonight because I really like the Bee Gees (mostly pre-Saturday Night Fever) and I was a *purist*. That might be true.

Here we go...

Melinda 1: "Inside and Out" - Well, as much of a Bee Gees' fan as I am, this is a song I don't really like. With the plethora of songs available, I can't fathom why she chose this one. She was OK, but I found her boring.

Blake 1: "You Should Be Dancing" - Amazingly *another* Bee Gees song I don't particularly like. I didn't like his falsetto and of course the beat box nonsense just made an annoying song even more annoying.

LaKisha 1: "Stayin' Alive" - OK, a great song, a classic - but did it really need to be performed? More importantly did Lakisha have to do it? Actually she did better than I expected. It was fine.

Jordin 1: "To Love Somebody" - Now we're getting into the good stuff - I think this is a beautiful song and Jordin was phenomenal with it. Her voice was perfect for it and she sang it with the proper amount of feeling; she looked beautiful as well. I think this was the performance of the night!

Melinda 2: "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" - I love this song but I didn't like the way Melinda performed it. She belted it and this isn't a "belty" song - this is a soft, plaintive lament. Her voice was good as always but the rendition was too strident.

Blake 2: "This is Where I Came In" - I had never heard this song. Maybe that's why I wasn't bothered by Blake's performance - I don't know if he butchered it or not. Therefore, this is the first performance by Blake that I liked. It may not be a style I like, but it sounded current and pretty much in key.

Lakisha 2: "Run to Me" - Another pretty ballad; she sang it beautifully, controlling her voice and avoiding being to loud and strident. It was good.

Jordin 2: "Woman In Love" - This was ambitious on her part, it's a 17 year old girl singing a Streisand song written by Gibb; again we see Jordin taking risks. I think she did a wonderful job, although I didn't like it as much as "To Love Somebody", but still a great job. IMO - she was, hands down the star of the show tonight.


Bottom 2: Blake and Melinda (again, yes Melinda)

Going Home: Blake



Blogger Toni Lea Andrews said...

Soooo, which songs would you have chosen?

4:57 PM  
Blogger Hilda said...

Toni asks:
"Soooo, which songs would you have chosen? "

A lot of the ones I would have chosen were performed during the results show medley. Here's a few:

* "Too Much Heaven"
* "How Deep is Your Love"
* "I Started a Joke"
* "Jive Talkin'" (this would have been perfect for Blake)
* "More Than a Woman" (one of my favorite songs ever!)
* "Nights on Broadway"
* "Fanny Be Tender With My Love"
* "Massachusetts"
* "I've Gotta Send a Message To You"
* "Islands in the Stream"
* "Guilty"
* "Words" (another favorite)

11:59 PM  

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