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Friday, May 11, 2007

"These dreams go on when I close my eyes"

I rarely remember my dreams, but I had a cool dream last night. ready? Here goes:

Bill Clinton was in town (in reality it is extremely common to have all levels of politicians come to Miami, usually for fundraising) for a day, not spending the night here. For some reason he chose *our* 1,000 square foot condo in the heart of the most suburban of suburbs to use as his hangout while he wasn't doing whatever he was in town to do. He could've picked the beautiful Biltmore Hotel
in Coral Gables, or Ritz-Carlton in Coconut Grove - but no, he picked my place!

Anyway, in my dream I ask what he'd like to drink and he says "beer or sangria". I don't drink beer at all, and my husband drinks sometimes but not often enough to necessarily have beer in the house. And while I love sangria, I like it freshly made and I don't always have the necessary ingredients lying around. So I found myself in the horrible position of not being able to give Bill Clinton what he wanted to drink! I panicked in my dream. I went into the kitchen and found several bottles of red wine - frankly too good to use for sangria, but I was willing to sacrifice for Bill - but I didn't have Seven-up or even Sprite!

Freaking out I looked in my refrigerator and lo and behold, there I saw an un-open bottle of "Real Sangria"! If you've never tried it I can tell you, IMO, "Real Sangria" is VILE and wrong! Not to mention the fact that I have never, ever in my life owned a bottle of "Real Sangria". But, it was an emergency - so after some dream time was spent trying to remember in what kind of glass sangria should be served, I served "Real Sangria" to the former President of the United States - a President that I actually liked! He loved it - and then I woke up.



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