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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol Recap - Week 2


Yeah, so two nights of Beatles music was apparently one night too many for most of the idol wannabes. For the most part the judges and I were totally out of sync. I'm crushed.

So let's get to it...

Amanda - "Back in the U.S.S.R." - the song is OK, but I thought it was a weird choice, since it seems difficult to sing; Amanda looked very comfortable on stage and totally owned it; she looked good - or maybe I'm getting used to the hair; while her voice was strong I didn't like it. Score: 6

Kristy Lee - "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" - this song isn't one of my favorites; her voice was strong; she looked pretty, I liked the cowboy boots with the sparkly dress - very cool!; I think the performance was good but boring - but then again, she *is* boring but she redeemed herself from last week's atrocity. Score: 6

David Archuleta - "The Long and Winding Road" - I love this song and he killed it - soooo boring! Yes, yes, yes, his voice was good - big surprise! - but to me it seemed like the child didn't *get* the song. Of course, the reason he didn't get it is because at 17 his "long and winding road" has been, what - a couple of steps? One of the times I disagreed with the judges who have apparently chugged the kool-aid again. Score: 5

Michael - "A Day in the Life" - the mini-version; OK, so Dawg, you cannot take a lyric-intensive 7+ minute song and compress it to less than 2 minutes and not have a train-wreck; he looked good though; his voice was fine but uneven, probably because of the difficulty of the song. Score: 6

[Now - a brief moment to comment on the dumb-azz Paula made of herself (more than usual) when commenting on the non-existent ear monitor thingy in order to *edumacate* us on the inner working of pop music. She dissed Simon and it turns out Michael wasn't even wearing one the things. HA! Can we please fire her now? Please. I think Deborah "used to be Debby but I'm a grown-up now" Gibson would be an adequate replacement. At least she's coherent.]

Alright, moving along...

Brooke - "Here Comes the Sun" - to paraphrase on the classic "she made me like her...I didn't wanna do it, I didn't wanna do it..."; this is another of my favorite Beatles songs and I thought she did a great job - except for the twirl and "Whoo", we could have totally done without that; she looked beautiful (yes I liked the yellow dress, there I said it!) and she sang it the way it should be sung, all goofy happy-like; again the judges and I were apparently watching two different performances.
Score: 7

David Cook - "Day Tripper" - Excellent job! He totally rocked; I don't really like the song, but he made me like it - I'd download this from iTunes!; having said that, he needs to be careful to not become a one-trick pony: ALL ROCK ALL THE TIME; I agree with Simon he's becoming predictable. Score: 8

Carly - "Blackbird" - I have never ever liked this song - until Carly sang it! She was awesome! Loved the vice and performance, hated the shirt - was that a lei attached to it? It doesn't matter, the performance was beautiful. Score: 9

Jason - "Michelle" - great song, fits his personality; his voice was sweet, but it wasn't his best - it doesn't matter though because he's adorable and most everyone else sucked, so he's safe. Score: 7

Syesha - "Yesterday" - I was dreading someone would sing this, it has been so *done*; again in disagreement with the judges I didn't like the performance; some parts when she was singing the high notes her voice was so thin, almost like she was snorting helium; she did look pretty though. Score: 4

Chikezie - "I've Just Seen a Face" - OK, I had never heard this song and I have no idea what was going on there; I didn't like the song, I didn't like the performance it went from boring to bizarre; as always his voice was good, Score: 5

Ramiele - "I Should've Known Better" - I really like this song and was glad she was doing a more upbeat number; she looked cute; her voice wasn't that good, but better than she's been - where oh where has the Ramiele that soared with "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" a few weeks ago gone? Score: 5

Wishes and Predictions:

Who do I want to see leave? David Archuleta, I'm sorry, he annoys me

Who do I think is going to leave? Chikezie

Let's see what happens next week...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

the show would be boring and pointless without Paula. and i am clearly not the only one who thinks that.. she gets 90 % of the attention.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Okay, so I agree with you on almost everything you have here! Except, I thought that Jason, while he did a nice job singing the song, he just looked so bored up there doing it. There is no connection from him to this song. For me, for him, it's been down hill ever since the Jeff Buckley song.

Also, I though Syesha did a nice job with yesterday....and Blackbird is one of my all time favorite Beatles songs!

2:40 PM  
Blogger Muffy St. Bernard said...

A two-minute edit of "A Day in the Life?"

Hell has frozen.

9:05 AM  
Blogger TroyBoy said...

Having seen the results...What the duck?!

1:39 PM  

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