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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Naples - Day 2

We woke up surprisingly early and had breakfast here at the hotel. For $5.95 they have a nice enough breakfast buffet. We then came back up to the room and lollygagged until our friends came down from Cape Coral and we went to lunch. Our first choice turned out to be closed on Sundays (and no it wasn't Chick-Fil-A!) so we wound up at Joe's Crab Shack. It was, well, Joe's Crab Shack - a chain, at least here in Florida - I had a Margarita (remember I mentioned it a couple of days ago? well I finally had it and it was good) and an order of coconut shrimp with a side of snow crab. Serviceable Key Lime Pie for dessert. So the food was good but the company was fantastic.

Of the four that came we had already met two *in person* but the other two were virtual friends and WoW Guildmates. Their Wow names are Mesogentle, Beatlejuice, Fummunda and Baggobalz - don't ask. After lunch we came back to our resort and hung out talking, joking, reviewing WoW strategy (yeah, it was pretty much a geek fest) until 10 p.m. It was fantastic! That's our motley crew up'll notice I'm sporting a lovely crab bib...

Naples is one of those places that pretty much shuts down at 9 p.m., unless it's Sunday when it shuts down at 8 p.m.! WTF? Even the resort restaurant and room service closed at 8 p.m. Hello? The people here are on vacation! We don't have to wake up early tomorrow - would it kill anyone to stay open , till say, oh I don't know - the ungodly hour of (GASP!) 11:00 frickin' frackin' PM?

So what happened? We were forced to go out trolling for food and the only stuff open were fast food drive-thrus, and since I have a "don't eat anything you can eat at home while on vacation" rule, we HAD to go to Sonic! I had no choice but to order a foot-long cheese and chili hot dog, a corn dog and large onion rings with a large chocolate coke! I mean if a real restaurant had been open I would have had a grilled chicken breast and a salad....WHAT? SO anyway, Sonic was as always sublime...we'll be back before this vacation is over - for sure!



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