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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Must See TV

I usually do this post earlier in the TV season, but I forgot.

This season my "must-see TV" shows are:

The Mentalist - CBS - this is a really cool cop drama about a guy (scorchng hot by the way) who isn't a psychic, but he has amazing focus where he sees details and makes connections others miss.

True Blood - HBO - actually True Blood's first season ended this past weekend. This was a tough one for me, even though I love vampie stuff, this show was so gory and so violent I kept saying I was going to stop watching it...but I didn't.

Fringe - Fox - This show is awesome! It's got elements of "LOST" and "X-Files". The cast is fantastic and the stories keep you on your toes.

Brothers and Sisters - I still think this is hands down the best hour-long drama on TV right now. The whole cast is so spot on, and the stories have both humor and drama. A highlight of my week.

Grey's Anatomy - (sigh) I go through phases with this show. Right now, we're in a good phase, primarily because of the new emergency room doctor Owen Hunt (played by yummy Kevin McKidd). Most of the annoyances have beeen resolved, so far so good.

Lipstick Jungle - This started as a mid-season replacement last season along with a similar concept "Cashmere Mafia" - and this one apparently won. It's a guilty pleasure, it's fun, pretty people wear pretty clothes to pretty parties.

House - Two words: Hugh Laurie.

Heroes - NBC - although I'm not loving this season, I'm sticking with it for now.

Lost is due to start in January, I can hardly wait! So is American Idol - I'm not sure about it this year - we'll see...

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