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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The New Frugality

This article in The Miami Herald got me thinking about changes we've recently made due to our "bail-out" economy.

  • For groceries we've gone back to clipping coupons, are buying food at our "warehouse store" more often and taking advantage of "buy one get one free" deals. Due to my diabetes we have to watch what we buy, and healthy food tends to be more expensive.
  • We're eating out a lot less than we used to - we used to eat out at keast two times a week
  • We changed credit cards to no membership fee cards
  • Selling books on, buying books on
  • Our vacuum cleaner cord got messed up and where we would have bought a new vacuum cleaner in the past, we took it to be repaired
  • We're buying local produce
  • Cutting back on casual purchases
  • Hubby and I probably won't exchange Christmas presents this year

Are you doing anything differently?

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Blogger Dixie said...

I live pretty cheaply anyway but yesterday I bought a new floor lamp for the living room. Instead of the lamp we had that used a 100 watt halogen bulb, the new lamp uses a 55 watt energy saving bulb and I get the same amount of light that a 250 watt bulb gives. I've calculated that I'll save about $120 a year on my electric bill from that one lamp.

5:21 PM  

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