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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Recap - The Finale

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This was very different from the last two seasons where I had a clear cut favorite up against performers I *really* didn’t like - Archuleta and Blake. As different in style as they are – and we’re talking polar opposites! - I like both Adam and Kris very much. While I think either would represent American Idol beautifully - I think Kris has more to gain from the American Idol *machine* than Adam, who I consider to already be a polished performer.

For the final the guys had to sing three songs: their choice from prior performances, the Producer’s choice, and the so-called “Coronation Song”, as many in the Blogosphere have dubbed the first single to be released by the winner - they both had to sing the same song, but they were able to arrange it any way they wanted.

Performer’s Choice

AdamMad World – I consider this to have been his best performance of the season, so I was glad he performed it again tonight; I find Adam’s voice to be achingly beautiful when he sings softly as he did on this song tonight; he is so dramatic but he pulls it off; I love the outfit and the lights and the smoke; the performance was perfect. My score – 10

KrisAin’t No Sunshine – amazing performance the first time and this one, more energized, was even better; his voice was beautiful, capturing the emotion of the song simply and perfectly; and he is so cute! My score - 10

Producer’s Choice

AdamA Change Is Gonna Come – fantastic song; he looks great; he did the whole screaming thing – which while I don’t like it I recognize he does it very well; he hit that last note and gave a great performance, I just didn’t love it.
My score – 9

KrisWhat’s Going On – another R&B classic; I like his arrangement, again he knows how to control his voice; he’s mellow but never boring; beautiful. My score – 10

No Boundaries (IMO the song itself is awful)

Adam – way too screechy for my taste; the song didn’t flow; the arrangement didn’t match the lyrics; far from his best; I really didn’t like this performance.
My score – 8

Kris – I thought this was a better arrangement for the song making more sense for the lyrics; he seemed to be straining as if the notes were too high for; while I liked his version better than Adam’s I still don’t like the song.
My score – 9

Average Scores:

Adam – 9.0
Kris - 9.6

Who I would prefer win:

Who I think will win:

Who do you think will win? What do you think about Adam and Kris? Do you think Danny and/or Allison should have been there instead of Adam or Kris?

See you next season - maybe!



Blogger Coffee Maker said...

it was nice to *see* Megan Joy again, wasn't so nice to hear her again... reminded me of how glad i was to see some of those "top 13" get voted off

1:53 AM  

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