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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

American Idol Recap - Week 10

And then there were three...

So, tonight everyone sang three songs - one chosen by the judges, one chosen by the producers and one they chose for themselves.

Let's go...

Jordin - "Wishing on a Star" - Simon chose this for her, apparently he got on is way-back machine and went back to the late 70s, the question is *why*? It's just not that good a song, but she did OK with it - she started off shaky but got it together as she went on; she looked beautiful and ended well.

Blake - "Roxanne" - Paula chose this for him, it's my favorite Police song and they gave it to Blake! At least he didn't beat box through it, but why was he singing with a Jamaican accent - what is that about? Can't he just sing a frickin' frackin' song? Well, IMO, he actually can't. I don't like his hair and I don't like what he's wearing. The boy bothers me.

Melinda - "I Believe in You and Me" - Yo, listen up dawg, Randy picked this for her, because you know, he's worked with Whitney (presumably before her cocaine- induced melt-down). The song is OK, and Melinda starts off soft and nice.

Now, the Producer's choices...

Jordin - "She Works Hard for the Money" - Of all the Donna Summer songs they could have picked, they chose the one I *hate*! She looked good, except I think she was wearing Haley's (remember her?) left-behind porn shoes. Well, I guess they kinda go with the song. Anyway - she did OK, but I didn't love it.

Blake - "This Love" - Again they give this guy I song I really, really like! OK, so he wasn't awful, except for the damned beat-box crap. He was doing fine and the song certainly doesn't need to be augmented. WhatEVER.

OHMYGOD - was that Hugh Hefner? I didn't think he ever left the mansion. He was probably there to find his next wife from among the teenagers in the audience. Too bad Haley's gone. (ahem)

Melinda - "Nutbush City Limits" - I've never heard of this song; what did they do to Melinda's hair? It looks like she's got horns coming out the back of her head - I think she used some of Blake's *product*. I have to say, I didn't particularly like the song and/or her performance. She's no Tina Turner - she just doesn't have Turner's presence or personality or passion.

Finally the contestants' selections:

Jordin - "I Who Have Nothing" - She repeated her British Invasion Week song and it allowed us to see how she has grown as a performer, she did a great job back in Week 2, and now she did even better! For such a young performer, she certainly knows her strengths and continues to challenge herself with substantive songs. Simon complained the song was too old, yet he chose a 29 year-old song for her! I think both he and the producers are trying to *youthify* her by giving her more upbeat songs - but I think she recognizes she's a *torch singer*. I think this was the performance of the evening.

Blake - "When I Get You Alone" - Robin Thicke, Blake? Really - that's what you decided to go with? A Robin Thicke song? Compare and contrast people: 17 year-old Jordin picks a *Shirley Bassey* song, Blake picks a Robin Thicke song! Hello? To be fair, he's less awful than perennially-bad-falsettoed Thicke, but then again, so am I. The song is god-awful. Go away fool!

Melinda - "I'm a Woman" - Awesome song; this was another repeat performance and as before she did great! She started off a little wobbly but she quickly fixed it and nailed it. I didn't like the outfit though.

Who leaves? Blake



Blogger Katya said...

I hope Blake leaves. He did okay on one song and I can't even remember which one it was but mostly he was awful.

I love Nutbush City Limits. You must be too young for it. :)

10:28 AM  

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