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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Democratic Debate

CNN broadcast the Democratic debate from New Hampshire tonight. Hubby and I watched, and I hate to say I was underwhelmed, but I was.

First of all Wolf Blitzer, who I usually like, has got to be the worst debate moderator ever. He was awful! He was all over the place, he kept interrupting people and worst of all he was asking sensationalistic questions using a "raise your hand if you agree" format! What are we in second grade?

And then we had the candidates:
  • Hillary - looked wonderful, sounded fine but was a bit on the defensive

  • Barack - probably the best of the night, but I've seen him better

  • Edwards - pissed me off; he was IMO unnecessarily (and uncharacteritically)antagonistic and bitchy; he really turned me off - I don't know if this is a new tactic to appear more aggressive and tough, if so it didn't work with me

  • Richardson - disappointed me, he's been my favorite so far but tonight he was unclear and rambling

  • Joe Biden - boy was he pissy! He seemed aggravated by the whole thing, but I have to say he made some very good points and is IMO the best informed

  • Chris Dodd - although he's been around forever I never knew much about him and I have to say I was impressed; I jut don't know if he can get momentum going for him

  • Mike Gravel from Alaska - came across as a slightly crazy cranky old man

  • Dennis Kucinich - a great guy but IMO remains unelectable, he's too far to the left at this point
It's going to be a long election...we need to get rid of a few of these people and focus on those who actually have a shot at winning.



Blogger TroyBoy said...

Unfortunately, I missed the debate. I did hear a recap this morning by whats-her-face. The expert who does a Monday morning phone-in to NPR, who's relative is a politician. She said that Hillary, Edwards, & Obama have about 99% of the poll with everyone else running in that remaining one percent. She said that they're just waiting for one of the big three to trip and fall and then they will start to get the numbers. So Dodd and Biden (the strongest of the "rest of them" IMO) are just biding their time. Hey get it, Biden - he's biding his time; well, you could even say he's "Biden the bider". You wouldn't say that, but you could. That's it for my reply. Please return to your regularly scheduled normalcy.

2:45 PM  

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