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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mish Mash Hodge Podge

I'm stealing Dixie Peach's bullets today. I've got all sorts of random thoughts in my head...

  • I'm happy Jordin won the American Idol shebang. It's the second season in a row my I picked the winner from the Top Twelve.
  • The season finale of LOST was awesome! It answered questions, asked new ones, and kept us on a trippy roller-coaster ride during the full two hours.
  • I was really, really disturbed by Wednesday's episode of The View. I've always liked Rosie O'Donnell a lot and believe Elisabeth truly hurt and disappointed her. I've been hurt and disappointed by someone I considered to be a friend and it sucks. I think Rosie didn't articulate her position as well as she could have, but to extrapolate that she believes our troops are terrorists is ridiculous - particularly when you take into consideration how much time and money she is dedicating to the returning wounded troops.
  • Although I'm disappointed with the war-spending bill Congress presented to Dubyuh, I believe they did the best they could with the situation at hand. It was a given anything with a time-line was going to be vetoed, so I like that they made it crystal-clear that it was the President that was completely disregarding the opinion of the increasing majority of the American public that wants our troops out of Iraq.
  • Everyone keeps telling me Dubyuh and company are not going to invade Iran, but this they seem to be doing the same things they did pre-Iraq: exaggerating the danger they pose, military maneuvers in the area, calling for increased sanctions, etc.
  • I'm glad to see most of my must-see TV shows coming to a conclusion - be it season finales or series finales - I want to concentrate on other things.
  • I'm getting my hair cut this weekend for the first time in a couple of years - I have no idea what I'm going to have done.
  • I've been feeling unnecessarily tired lately. I thought it might be that my long-lost period was coming on. Since the joy that is peri-menopause hit, I have no idea when, or if, it's coming. Apparently that wasn't it though. Still, just in case, I'm going out this weekend to a favorite Cuban restaurant and having a big, fat "bistec de higado con cebolla frita" (liver steak smothered in fried onions).
  • At the office today we got a copier/printer/scanner/fax machine that basically requires an advanced degree in Engineering (sigh).

That's all for now...



Blogger Dixie said...

We're weeks behind y'all with Lost - the most recent episode I've seen is the one where Hurley and Jin and Sawyer and Charlie get the abandoned van going - and I was told that the season finale is fabulous. I absolutely can't wait.

I almost can't even stomach seeing Dubya on TV or hear any of his reasoning about Iraq. My nephew is being deployed in August and I could nearly throw up at the idea of what it will do to him even if he never gets a scratch on his body.

7:14 PM  

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