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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol Recap - The Finale

OK boys and girls, this is it! Blake or Jordin?

The finalists had to sing three songs each: a song they pick among those they've performed during the competition, a song they pick that they've they had never performed before and both had to sing the song written by the song writing competition winners. Let's see what happened...

Blake: (song he has performed before) "You Give Love A Bad Name" - AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!! Noooooooooooo! OK , I can deal with the beginning where he imitates a record player dropping the album onto the term table...fine. But then in the middle of the song - an iconic song, mind you - he starts in on the beat box crap and totally messes the whole thing up.

Jordin: (song she's never performed) "Fire" - A Cristina Aguilera song I've never heard before. I don't particularly like the song, but she sings it well, good control on the high notes and she looks beautiful.

Blake: (song he's never performed) "She Will Be Loved" - Awesome Maroone 5 song; OK people, the boy just can't sing, he's nasally and flat - but I didn't hate it.

Jordin: (song she has performed before) "A Broken Wing" - A Martina McBride song; while she sings it beautifully, I think she performed better songs from the competition that she could have chosen. However, again she hit the high notes beautifully and looked great.

[At this point Paula slurred that Jordin was "in great vocal voice" - as opposed to what - great *optical voice*? I don't believe for a minute that she broke her nose because she tripped over her dog - I think she tripped over the tequila bottle she dropped on the floor in her drunken stupor last night!]

The winning song by two guys from Seattle is called "This Is My Now" (or something like that). The song itself is IMO, a sappy boring ballad clearly designed to be a high school prom song - but hey this *is* American Idol so...

Blake - OK, as much as he's not exactly my favorite, I feel bad for the guy. Blake really got the shaft on this song. It is completely out of his genre, and totally something he would never sing - and predictably it was a train wreck. His voice was uneven, he looked bored uninspired and it just needed to end.

Jordin - While still a boring song, she improved it tremendously, but the song is much more suited for her style and voice (because she actually *has* a voice, AHEM). She sang it very well, starting soft and pretty and building up to a soaring vocal; again, she looked absolutely beautiful.

Who do I think will and should win? Jordin - no question. She was my pick for winner since the top 12 were established.

See you next season...maybe.



Blogger Toni Lea Andrews said...

I'm boycotting. Melin-DA! Melind-DA! Melin-DA!

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