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Monday, August 27, 2007

And now, yet another installment in the "Another One Bites the Dust" Series

Adios Gonzales

From arguably the most famous Tango in the world: (Translation by me)

"Adiós muchachos, compañeros de mi vida,barra querida de aquellos tiempos. Me toca a mí hoy emprender la retirada,debo alejarme de mi buena muchachada. Adiós muchachos. Ya me voy y me resigno...Contra el destino nadie la talla..."

(Goodbye boys, companions of my lifetime, beloved bar of all those happy times. It is my turn today to take my my leave, I must depart from my happy youth. Goodbye boys. Now I'm leaving and resign myself...Against destiny no one can fight...)

Again - it's probably wrong at some deep spiritual level, but this just makes me happy.

Come on...sing along with me!

Na, na, na,, na, na, na...hey hey hey...goodbyyyye! Na, na, na,, na, na, na...hey hey hey...goodbyyyye!

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Blogger TroyBoy said...

Gee Hilda, I wish you'd tell us how you really feel. Don't hold anything back.

4:11 PM  
Blogger TroyBoy said...

You've been tagged for a Fav Food Meme. Bon Apetit!

11:57 AM  

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