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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Lola Shuffle - The "15th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew's Onslaught" Edition was 15 years ago today we got hit by Hurricane Andrew. My family was very lucky - we were staying, purley by coincidence, at my godmother's house in Broward County (north of Miami) and we actually lived in Miami Beach, which was barely affected. We had power, we could see the devastation that those who were living through it couldn't. The survivor's guilt was brutal.

Anyway...I don't want to think about that anymore...come on Lola, shuffle me out of this!
  1. When God Fearin' Women get the Blues - Martina McBride
  2. Too Much Heaven - The Bee Gees
  3. Black Magic Woman - Santana
  4. Let It Be - The Beatles
  5. Walking in the Rain - Erasure (Awesome version of this song)
  6. The Rising - Bruce Springsteen (appropriate)
  7. Party for Two - Shania Twain featuring Mark McGrath
  8. All Day and All of the Night - The Kinks
  9. Blue Velvet - Barry Manilow
  10. Pon de Replay - Rihanna (get up and dance!)

Have a great weekend everyone!



Blogger sari said...

#8 - one of my all time favorites!

good shuffling, Lola.

Have a great weekend!

4:23 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Any shuffle with The Bee Gees, Santana, The Beatles, Bruce, The Kinks and Barry is a shuffle I want to marry.

6:11 PM  

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