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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Everglades!

Today, Everglades National Park turned 60 !

Now, anyone who reads this Blog regularly by now knows I'm not exactly..."outdoors-y". Yeah, I am most definitely "indoors-with-the air-conditioner-on-y". However, I have been to Everglades National Park and even I have to admit it was impressive.

The first time was there I was a kid, but that doesn't really count because, well, I barely remember what I had for lunch, let alone what I did when I was 8 years old. But after I got married I started going somewhat regularly with Hubby because he likes to fish there. [OK people - stop laughing - yes I went fishing with Hubby!] And on several occasions I have dined at the Miccosukee restaurant - and enjoyed their traditional alligator bits and fried frog legs. I may be an outdoors wuss, but I'm not a food wuss!

But most memorable was a couple of years ago when my sister-in-law and her friend were here from Pennsylvania. We actually took a tram tour into the park. It was really cool, the guide pointed out the flora and fauna - lots of alligators, all kinds of beautiful birds, etc. The destination of the tram ride was an observatory tower thing from the top of which you would get a phenomenal view.

The tour guide told our group that there were a bunch of vultures at the top of the tower (better to see their prey I suppose). He then told us that the vultures weren't likely to attack - us being alive and all - but they did have this nasty habit of *throwing up on you* if they were startled or stressed. How charming. He then proceeded to tell us that we shouldn't worry though because he would go up with us carrying a big stick. Right - like *that's* not going to startle the frickin' frackin' vultures!

Well at that moment I decided that I could go my entire life without being vomited upon by a vulture. I mean, really - can you imagine what that would be like, considering what they eat. Needless to say I didn't go up to the top of the tower. Neither did Hubby - I guess that's one of the things that we share and that makes our marriage strong - the desire to avoid vulture barf.

To their credit, I will say that my SIL and her friend went to the top, had no vulture trauma and said the view really was amazing. Well, good for them. For me, I'll continue to appreciate the Everglades for the beautiful treasure it is and continue to enjoy it by eating alligator and watching Hubby fish.



Blogger TroyBoy said...

Yeah on the park turning 60 and may it have 600 more birthdays without being developed over by the encrouching Miami-Dade county. I love the Everglades and go a few times a year...more so in the winter. Non-Miamians out there...if you come visit our Ocean Drive and trendy Bal Harbor Shoppes, or whatever else draws the yourselves a favor and visit the Glades. The part that Hilda speaks of (with the Tram Ride) is known as Shark Valley and it is a 7 mile paved loop with the tram and bike rentals - or you can bring your own, which I have done more than once. In the winter, when the water levels in the Glades are low, you are mere feet from the gators.

The Everglades...a true gift to mankind.

11:07 PM  

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