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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

American Idol Recap - Songs That Inspire You

Once again on the eve of Idol Gives Back, the theme of the show was inspirational songs. Not the most dynamic of themes, but OK.

I have to say it was better than I expected, both in song choices and performances. Remember, the elimination will take place on Thursday this week.

OK, here we go...

Michael - Dream On - Yeah, uh no; totally didn't work for me; it's a good song by Aerosmith but by Aussie Boy, not so much; I didn't like his voice throughout the song, I thought the performance was boring and the high note made my ears bleed; and *what* was up with the outfit? Short-sleeved shirt, a vest and an ascot? OY! Score - 5

Syesha - I Believe - Again, homegirl can sing, but *I believe* I don't really like Fantasia or her song; she seemed comfortable on stage and *she* nailed the high note, but it was a bit boring as well. Score - 6

Jason - Somewhere Over the Rainbow - The performance of the night; triple-loved it and it's not just because he's my season favorite - this performance was uplifting, happy and good; of course he looked adorable and HELLO, he played a ukulele! I have to admit when he said he had chosen this song I was worried, I had never heard this arrangement but Hubby had and said he had liked it - fabulous! I think I'm going to have to download this one from iTunes. Score - 10

Kristy - Anyway - I would have bet money she was going to sing "Amazing grace" or "God Bless America"; instead she chose a beautiful song by Martina McBride and sang it well, although her voice almost disappeared in the low parts; a good choice for her; she looked beautiful; I didn't hate it. Score - 7

David Cook - Innocent - I had never heard this song before and I have to admit, I didn't get it; at first i had trouble understanding the words, but it got better and his voice sounded great; not my favorite of his performances but it was a'ight. Score - 7

Carly - The Show Must Go On - phenomenal song; her voice was powerful; Freddie Mercury is always tough though and IMO it takes guts to even try; Carly sang it well enough; she looked good, it was a good performance but not her best.
Score - 7

David Archuleta - Angels - zzzzzzz, huh, what? Oh, right, Little David; I had never heard the song, it was OK; again his voice was good as usual but not great; the child is boring, I'm sorry but he is - he has no personality, maybe he'll get one when he gets older; now, be honest - raise your hand if you thought he was going to sing "Rainbow Connection" (raising my hand). Score - 6

Brooke - You've Got a Friend - I love that she went with the Carole King arrangement, but was surprised she didn't accompany herself on the piano the way King does; it's a beautiful song and a perfect choice for Brooke's style and persona; she looked pretty and sang well, but her voice also seemed to disappear in the low parts; not her best but good enough. Score - 8


My Bottom Three - Michael, Syesha and David Archuleta

Who do I want to see leave? Michael


Their Bottom Three - Carly, Syesha and Michael

Who will leave? Carly

On a serious note, be sure to donate to Idol Gives Back, they do good, important work.



Blogger sari said...

I think Randy is on crack this year, WHAT is with his "judging"??? I'm not gettin' it.

I'm just finishing the show and am not all that impressed with most of it. I liked Jason but I kept thinking he was forgetting the words.

I keep getting distracted by all the weird sparkely bronzy eyeshadow they're putting on Brooke and Kristie Lee Country.

PS I like Carly but she did seem like she didn't really connect with her song, though she sang it well.

1:38 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

So here is my recap! I think Michael did a great Aerosmith imitation! Outside of that I think he gets better and better every week (something I don't want to happen). Syesha sounded great and had the power voice that we haven't heard in a while, but boring.

Now Jason, I don't like this guy! He has a nice voice but I cannot watch him sing at all! I have gotten bored with everything he does, it all seems the same. Kristy is another one that I don't care for, but she sang well when she hit the big notes.

David Cook, probably had his worst performance of the season, and it was still decent. I didn't like the song choice. Carly sang her song well, but didn't connect. It is one of my favorite Queen songs though!

David Archuleta was completely boring and the low parts sounded wheezy and whiney! He needs to step it up and find something upbeat!! Finally was Brooke, who I loved. I thought it was simple and beautiful!

My bottom three this week: Carly, Syesha, & Michael Johns

Going Home: Carly

9:39 AM  

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