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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello, it's me

Remember me? I'm the lying liar who lies. (Hanging head in shame - and even now I'm shamelessly using a picture of a cute little monkey to garner sympathy!)

I know, I know, you have no reason to believe me this time - I'm not sure I believe me! But at this very moment I truly believe I will Blog with some semblance of regularityish.

So...Happy New Year!

What should I start with...oh I know...vacation!

Some of you may know that Hubby and I took a long trip up North (eek!) for Christmas to visit my in-laws in the Philadelphia area, which was lovely except that...IT SNOWED!!! Needless to say, I wasn't happy. I don't really "do" cold weather, much less snow. I do it wrong...I don't know how.

For example clothes. We don't "layer" in Miami, so that entire concept is lost on me. So then I wind up wearing a sweater, because the TV weather person is telling me it 24F outside. That's "sweater" weather", right? Hence...the sweater. Fine. But then I get where I'm going and they have the heater set to 75F which is NOT sweater weather. So now I'm hot and sweaty and yuck.

OK, next time I go out I put on a regular t-shirt and take a cardigan. And the never-ending "put on-take off ballet" begins. Getting ready to walk out of the house, put on the cardigan. Get into the car, take off the cardigan. Sit in the car just long enough for the temperature to get comfy then at our destination. Put on the cardigan, walk 10 feet to the restaurant - BOOM! 75 degrees - take off the cardigan. Now what do I do with it? Drape it over the back of the chair so that it trails on the floor and picks up restaurant floor ick? Put it on my lap so that I can't put my napkin there? Request an extra chair that it can be the purse and coat chair?

See? Complicated. In Miami you put on what you're going to wear and you're set. Magic! (sigh)

That's all for today. For maƱana...maybe more. The intention is there. Really. No, seriously, I mean it.

Oooh! Tomorrow is Friday maybe we'll have a Lola shuffle or a Pandora shuffle. Excitement!

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