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Friday, January 28, 2011

Pandora Pandemonium - The "I'm Blue - But Not the Pretty Melancholy Blue - the Pissed Off Bitchy Blue" Edition

  1. Night Ride Home - Joni Mitchell - I had never heard this song, it's lovely.
  2. Sweet Dreams - Beyonce - Great song...I challenge you to listen to this and not bop your head. Go ahead, try. It's impossible.
  3. Fernando - ABBA - Love this song! I love how they pronounce "Fernando" correctly and don't roll their Rs where they don't have to. ABBA just rocks. So, this is about the Mexican Revolution, right? BAH! This is a live version - I'm not usually a fan of live versions, like right now I don't need to hear some random audience singing. Just sayin' .
  4. My First Kiss - 3Oh!3 *featuring Ke$ha*- Ha! Ke$ha sings it with them - so you know it's quality! I've never heard this but they're the ones who sang the demented "Helen Keller" song which I was mildly obsessed with a while ago. I looked up the lyrics, they're surprisingly not offensive, much.
  5. La Unica - Juanes - I love this guy's voice, and he's often got that whole scrawny needs a sandwich and a shower thing going for him...
  6. Como La Cigarra - Mercedes Sosa- Oooh Mercedes Sosa! I hadn't heard her in forever...such an amazing voice. One of the few well known indigenous looking Argentinians. She had enormous influence in Latin America - a much missed voice. I think I'll pull her CD out tonight,she's good for my head.
  7. Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons - What can I say? A classic, beautifully sung, never gets old.
  8. Duele el Amor - Aleks Syntek - See, here's why Pandora is all kinds of awesome. I have no idea who this is but I like it. It's in Spanish. The girl sounds like the girl that used to be with La Oreja de Van Gogh. Wait here while I do a quick Google. OK I'm back. Here's the scoop - he's Mexican, and the girls he's singing with is Ana Torroja from Spanish group Mecano, not the one I thought. Good song.
  9. Dynamite - Taio Cruz - ohmygod I love this song! I mean come on! When a song starts "I came to dance-dance-dance-dance. I hit the floor cause that's my plans plans plans plans. I'm wearing all my favorite brands brands brands brands. Give me some space for both my hands hands hands hands." He repeats the important parts FOUR times, that's how you know it's important. And then of course the life lesson of the song: "Cause it goes on and on and on, and it goes on and on and on. Yeah. I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying ay-oh, gotta let go." Ay-oh indeed Taio, ay-oh indeed.
  10. Money's Too Tight to Mention - Simply Red - Meh. This is from the album "Simply Red: Greatest Hits". I didn't know they had greatest hitS, I thought they only had one hit - singular. You know the one, that one...wait while I Google again...ok right "Holding Back the Years". So while Googling I read that this song is a cover of a soul standard. I'm not feeling it with them - although a dig at Reagonomics is always appreciated :)

That's it for Pandora this week, next week Lola will be back - I think I'll alternate them to keep it fresh.

Have a great weekend and as Taio says, "Light it up like it's dynamite!" Ay-oh.

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