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Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Idol - Still Top 11! - Elton John

Elton John! YAAAAAAY!!!

Have they done Elton John before? There's certainly a lot to choose from...

So let's talk about last week's results and "the save". I absolutely, positively agree with the save. It's not time for Casey to leave yet. So tonight we lose two - and I know *exactly* who they should be!

Scotty McCreeryCountry Comforthaha! I never heard this before - but he found the *one* country Elton John song! He looked great, comfortable, almost too easy...whether I agree with the format or not, this show expects the participants to try different genres - it's time for him to do it; it was perfect but safe. Score - 9.

Naima AdedapoI'm Still Standinguh oh...great song, but she's doing it reggae style; omg it's not bad!; she looks great and her voice is excellent today; I really liked it; and it was gutsy! Because she took the risk and I think it worked, I'm giving her a perfect score. Score – 10.

Paul McDonaldRocket Mangreat song! Come on I wanna like you Paul; omg the outfit - Duuuude - no!; and he needs to shave his neck; OK...I'm sorry I'm done with him; he has no voice; there's no *there* there; this is just painful; time to go. Score – 3

Pia ToscanoDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me – a beautiful song; again - gorgeous!; she's doing another ballad, but a great one; don't do it...don't over sing it; ok...she kept it under control; this was very good. Score - 8.

Stefano LangoneTiny Dancerone of my favorite songs; so cute!; he has such a pretty voice but it's a difficult song; it was good, but not great; he's not going to win this; it was a little boring. Score - 6.

Lauren AlainaCandle in the Wind - song...meh; she looks nice; she's singing it well, but this seems like an easy song; it wasn't bad but I just didn't care; ok she's pulling a Pickler and I really don't like Pickler. Score - 7.

James DurbinSaturday Night's Alright For Fightingwoooo! Fun song! He looks great; sounds better; excellent stage presence! He rocked it! He may be the one... Score - 10.

Thia MegiaDanielamazing song; don't love the outfit; she has a beautiful voice; OK...she did well; it was pretty. Score – 7.

Casey Abrams
Your Song - beautiful song!; YAY! Loving the haircut and beard trim!; oooh I like this; restrained, pretty; really good; a little yelly, but he can't help himself; didn't love the high note; but that was a great performance; he's far from my favorite, but he definitely deserves to be in the show for a while; I absolutely agree with the Save he may be top 3 material - maybe. Score - 8

Jacob Lusk Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - not my favorite song; ugh awful start; he singing too high or something; he looks pissed which is the wrong emotion for this song; and there's the yelling; gah! No; what was that face?; this ladies and gentlemen is over singing; Hated it! Score - 3.

Haley Reinhart - Benny and the Jets - I love this song; Hello legs thanks for coming because thank god she has her looks; the singing? Awful; she has the stage presence of a turnip; she needs to sing "These Boots Were Made for Walking" in a mini skirt as she walks the hell out; Score - 1.

Who I Think *Should* Go: Haley Reinhart and Paul McDonald

Who I Think *Will* Go: Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone

How fabulous did JLo look? Steven once again - no clue what he's talking about, but I like the guy! Oh and there's Randy.

Tonight, there were some very good performances, some train wrecks, not much that was great. What did you think?



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