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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

American Idol - Top 12 - Songs From The Year They Were Born

Week 2 - Here we go...

How much did I love Steven's outfit and Jennifer's mega hair? Lots! Randy? Meh.
It's nice that they’ll be donating proceeds to help Japan…American Idol cares!

Naina Adedapo
What's Love Got To Do With It?fantastic song; ambitious; I like this girl; outfit is weird but it works for her; bad arrangement; she doesn't have the voice for this; this was bad Score – 4

Paul McDonaldI Guess That's Why They Call It The BluesAnother great song! Oh...he sounds bad; he looks good, I should like this guy, but no; and really no dancing Paul! Just no! I'm n it sure what "pitchy" is but I think he's that. Score - 4.

Thia MegiaColors of The Wind – Beautiful song; she looks fantastic!; her voice is still uneven for me; I like her but I'm underwhelmed by her voice; this isn't a particularly challenging song she should have done better. Score – 6.

James DurbinI'll Be There for YouJOVEEEEE!; good song; he's cute but I'm already over the hair; good performer; good outfit; the scream was good but not too much; I liked it, didn't love it . Score – 8.

Haley Reinhart - I'm Your Baby Tonight - Whitney song, meh; she looks OK; she doesn't have the voice for this song; it's a hard song; it wasn't good; Randy is an idiot he gives her a hard time because she's singing different genres but he gave Thia a hard time because she always sings ballad - shut up Randy!; it wasn't good but it wasn't awful and it was ambitious, good for her, I hope it doesn't cost her. Score - 6.

Stefano LangoneIf You Don't Know Me By Nowgreat song; he looks great; looks comfortable on stage; I like it, the song suits his voice; lost control at the end, to much hollering. Score - 7.

Pia ToscanoWhere Do Broken Hearts Godon't love the song; she looks beautiful; shrieking! Noooo; I didn't like it. Score - 5.

Scotty McCreeryCan I Trust You With My Heart?I don't know the song, but I don't care - I love this kid's voice!; again, will he be able to do something other country?; it was beautiful, loved it! Nothing wrong with it, perfect for me! Score - 10.

Karen RodriguezLove Will Lead You Back - good song; Miami girl!!!; she looks gorgeous, great dress, rocking the hair and earrings; I like that she didn't do a Hispanic singer today but still slipped in a little Spanish - very cool; very good. Score – 9.

Casey AbramsSmells Like Teen Spirit - good song; playing bass; I don't like the affectation with his voice; sounds like Jack Black in "School of Rock"; it didn't work for me at all; too much; he took a risk and it didn't pay off; still hate the beard and the hair. Score – 6.

Lauren AlainaI'm the Only One - fantastic song; she's too boring for this song; her voice wasn't bad but she has no stage presence; hair's too big lipstick's too red; I found myself wanting it to just be over. Score – 5.

Jacob Lusk Alone - great song; interesting choice; horrible outfit!; started off ok when it was soft, and then he started with the yelling! good voice but the yelling ruined it for me. Score – 6.

Who I Think *Should* Go: Lauren Alaina

Who I Think *Will* Go: Haley Reinhart

Do you think Randy is a fool? Is Steven taking Paula's place for random chattering? Are you liking Jennifer Lopez more than you used to?

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Blogger sari said...

I actually like Jennifer A LOT more then I ever did.

Randy is always "eh".

Steven kept getting talked over and I don't think he finished many sentences. The ones he did finish were rushed, he was probably just trying to get a word in.

I pretty much agree with you on everyone. They would do well and then start screaming. I voted for James and then lost interest in voting at all, no one inspired me to even pick up the phone. Then again, I'm still sick. Maybe it was me.

12:32 PM  

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