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Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idol - Top 13 - Their Musical Idols

OK, I didn't watch American Idol in any significant way last season, therefore I didn't Blog about it. I swore I wouldn't watch it this season, but I caught part of one of the audition shows - which I never watch and on which I have never commented - and I was impressed with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as well as with the talent. So...I'm gonna give it a whirl.

First my usual disclaimer: (I am copying this with minimal amendment from the last Top 13 post I Blogged in 2009).

If you haven't read my recaps before here's the deal - these are my wholly subjective, thoroughly meaningless, untrained musings on the "I don't want to watch but somehow I watch" TV phenomenon that is American Idol. I have absolutely no business judging any of these people because I have no musical training or talent *whatsoever* - not that this lack of knowledge or ability stops me from singing often and loudly - but hey! they put themselves up there, so I judge them and mock them. It amuses me.

Because it's the first recap first of the season I'll give you my opinion of them based on first impression and then after the double-dash " - - " and song title, I'll comment specifically on Wednesday night's performances and give them a "grade" on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst. In the upcoming weeks I'll only comment on and grade the performances. Here we go...

Lauren Alaina – GAH Outfit! She seems too fluffy - - Any Man of Mine – Great song that she made boring; her voice is fine but she had zero sex appeal, which this song calls for; Meh…Score – 3

Casey Abrams – Needs a haircut and beard trim right now! He might be handsome, but we can’t tell through the “Grizzly Adamness” - - With a Little Help From My Friends – Good song but has been overdone; great voice!; good outfit; good performance but too manic – I think he was channeling Joe Cocker and it wasn’t pretty. Score - 8.

Ashthon Jones – Beautiful girl, fabulous dress - - When You Tell Me That You Love Me – I don’t know this song; her voice was uneven but seems like it could be good; too shriek; I think the song was too difficult; not a good performance. Score – 3.

Paul McDonald – cute, quirky, I want to like this guy - - Come Pick Me Up - I don’t know the song; where was his voice?; husky is fine but this was none existent; oh no he’s “dancing”? Well, he was twitching around on stage and it wasn’t good – he needs to never dancing again; that was pretty much awful. Score – 4.

Pia Toscano – she’s gorgeous! - - All By Myself – great song but she went with Celine Dion shriekeramic arrangement! I mean come on! Just do it like Eric Carmen wrote it and dial the volume down by like a million; great dress except for the Superman cape; between shrieks I heard a good voice, I could probably like her singing; good stage presence. Score – 7.

James Durbin – cute guy; I read he suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome and is Autistic – good for him that’s he’s doing this - - Maybe I'm Amazed – great song and he totally nailed it! Wow! Loved the voice, loved the performance; great high notes with no yelling – imagine that! I found nothing wrong with it, so he gets a perfect score! Score 10.

Haley Reinhart – she said “a lot more better” – HA! I like her - - Blue – this was a hard song and she did well; looks good; great dress; she got better as the song went on. Score – 8.

Jacob Lusk – Meh, he’s OK seems nice enough - - I Believe I Can Fly – I hate this song! Oy with the yelling; does he always do this Revival Preacher thing. Score - 4.

Thia Megia – beautiful girl, seems sweet - - Smile – I don’t love the song; great dress; great voice; she did the best she could with a boring song, not a good choice. Score - 7.

Stefano Langone – cute guy, a nice Italian boy - - Lately – I don’t know the song; good voice but he was uneven; he got better towards the end, but I’m not sure what he was trying to do with it. Score - 6.

Karen Rodriguez – How cute is she? Pretty girl, I like her - - I Could Fall in Love – Great song; she looks gorgeous, great dress; she’s clearly working the Hispanic angle, that could get old real quick, we’ll see; she did well with the song. Score – 7.

Scotty McCreery – What me worry? Hello Alfred E. Newman! - - The River – Great song, I love that he kept the original arrangement; umm Wow! Where did that voice come from? It totally doesn’t match his looks but I love it; I liked his look, he looked comfortable on stage; I wonder how he’ll do with non-country music; again nothing I didn’t like, so perfect score! Score – 10.

Naina Adedapo – So this is this season’s “quirky chick”; she’s beautiful but might be flakey - - Umbrella – Great song! Loved loved loved the reggae/rap thing; look! She can dance!; her voice was a bit uneven, maybe because of the dancing but I loved this performance. Score – 9.

Who I Think *Should* Go: Lauren Alaina

Who I Think *Will* Go: Ashthon Jones

So, what do you think? Who do you like? What aboout the judges - good, bad, indifferent.

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