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Friday, March 25, 2011

Songs from Lolaish - The Earth Hour Edition

So...Saturday March 26th at your 8:30 p.m. - turn off the lights. The link explains the whys and wherefores and important information - I'm here to offer suggestions as to what you can do with that dark hour...
  • Well, there's the obvious...ñaca ñaca - woo hoo!
  • Light all the candles in your house - the ones that are too pretty to use in an emergency situation (hurricanes, power outages, late on your electric bill, etc.) because in an emergency situation you won't appreciate the pretty. We all have them, beautiful candles given to us as gifts that sit there looking pretty but never get is the time. Put them all around the room and just sit back and enjoy them.
  • Play shadow puppets.
  • Wear anything you have that's "glow-in-the-dark".
  • You can go over an hour if you want, so you can watch a really creepy, scary movie - LOOK OUT HE'S IN THE HOUSE! AIIIIIIEEEEEE!
  • Depending on whether or not you're alone, play either swaying romantic belly-rubbin' music, or up-beat fun "dance like nobody's watching" music and then do some (wait for it - you know it's coming) dancing in the dark! Hahaha (well it amused me).

Maybe this week's "it's all about the dark" song list can be your soundtrack...

  1. Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen - What? Like I wasn't going to include this? It's THE BOSS! Bruuuuuuuuuuuce!
  2. Dark Road - Annie Lennox - Her voice is sooo cool and haunting. This is a great song...sad.
  3. Darkest Hour - Arlo Guthrie - Appropriate and Arlo! Woooo! His voice makes me smile.
  4. Dark Lady - Cher - Remember this one? It's all about a duplicitous fortune teller - Oy, the drama!
  5. Piano in the Dark - Brenda Russell - mmmmm...slinky and sexy...this is a good one for the belly-rubbin' dancing
  6. By the River's Dark - Leonard Cohen - Cohen is so the man! All his songs - amazing poetry. If you don't know this one, check it out.
  7. Darkness Darkness - Robert Plant - This song was covered by many people but Plant's version is quite beautiful and haunting. At one point, during the Vietnam war, it was considered by some almost an anthem for the soldiers describing what it felt like in the jungle..."Darkness, darkness, long and lonesome, Is the day that brings me here I have felt the edge of sadness, I have known the depths of fear..."
  8. Dark End of the Street - Eva Cassidy - Another song that has been covered by everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Courtney Love to Aretha Franklin to The Flying Burrito Brothers - but as with everything she sings, Eva Cassidy's version highlights the power of this song.
  9. I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie - Yeah, not the happiest song in the lot. It's really...well...dark.
  10. Coming Out of the Dark - Gloria Estefan- I still get goose bumps when I hear this song!This is the first song she both performed and recorded after her near fatal accident, when she was able to come out of that darkness. Yay Gloria!

So there you have it...some music to listen to during that dark hour...just remember to come out of the dark eventually.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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