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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

American Idol - Top 11 - Motown!

Wooooo Motown!

This can be very good or horribly bad...
I love Motown but I've seen it mangled on AI. Let's see what happens. Oy, I'm guessing Jennifer was going for the retro thing with the eyeshadow!

Casey AbramsI Heard It Through The Grapevine - fantastic song!; NO! Screaming! OK, it got less bad but I don't like it. He's too affected...too too! I think I officially don't like this guy. Score - 5

Thia MegiaHeat Wave – Excellent song!; agai she looks beautiful; sounds good, the lows are a little wonky but I'm liking it; lost it a bit towards the end; she has a pretty voice; it was good, not great. Score – 7.

Jacob Lusk You're All I Need To Get By - interesting choice, not an obvious hit, but good song; See? They said he was overdoing it before; ok I like this he has a great voice; much much better!; if he can maintain the control throughout the competition this may work; awww nana!; god Ryan is an idiot! Score - 9.

Lauren AlainaYou Keep Me Hanging On - great song; she looks great; oh wait...this is working; omg I like it!; OK wow! that was really good. Score - 8.

Stefano Langone
Hellomeh, the song, I don't love it; he's cute; not bad; he just has a really good voice; see, the high parts worked; I like this kid; . Score - 8.

Haley Reinhart - You Really Got A Hold On Me - fantastic song!; she looks beautiful; good thing she's working the legs because the singing, not so much; ok really awful; the ending made my ears bleed omg; once again I have a total disconnect with the judges. Score - 4.

Scotty McCreeryFor Once In My Lifeamazing song, not easy to do it justice - he looks good; he's actually pulling this off sorta- a countrifiedish version; that voice!!! ok Scottie no dancing, don't do that again; he's gonna be a country singer, but he did really well, this could have been a train wreck. Score - 8.

Pia Toscano
All In Love Is FairI don't know this song; she's gorgeous!; she's started off great...don't start with the yelling! (sigh) she's yelling; well the yelling wasn't awful and the last note was really good; I liked it. Score - 7.

Paul McDonaldTracks Of My Tearsfantastic song; he looks good but the hair?; this guy makes me nervous; well I didn't hate it; he can't dance with the guitar - that's a good thing; does he still have a cold? I don't know, I'm just not getting him . Score – 6

Naima AdedapoDancing In The StreetI love this song! she looks great!; she sounds great; yes! Loving the dancing!!! She's my girl! Score – 10.

James DurbinLiving for the Citymy absolute favorite Stevie Wonder song; looks good; started off weakish (for him - great for anyone else) but he worked it out; even with screeching he controls the screech; it wasn't his best, bit his not best is still really really good. Score - 9.

Who I Think *Should* Go: Haley Reinhart

Who I Think *Will* Go: Haley Reinhart

I'm really impressed with Jennifer's judging - she actually has relevant stuff to say. Steven cracks me up. And then there's Randy.

I thought all in all this was a great show. What did you think?



Blogger sari said...

I've decided I'm taking James for the win.

I think Stefano had the weakest performance last night...and "Hello" is NOT a Motown song, no matter what they say. That song came out in 1983 and even if it was on the Motown label, it is *not* "Motown".

9:36 AM  

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