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Friday, November 18, 2011

Pandora Pandemonium - The I'm About to Go on Vacation Edition

  1. Coat of Many Colors - Eva Cassidy - I had never heard this song, it's written by Dolly Parton and is lovely. Cassidy's voice is so amazing!
  2. Ten Years Gone - Led Zeppelin - Meh. Some of you may know I'm not a Led Zeppelin. I don't know this song, and don't particularly like it. YAY for Pandora's fast forward...
  3. After the Thrill is Gone - The Eagles - Fabulous! I love the Eagles and this song while not as popular as many of thier other songs is, imo, one of their best. The lyrics are staggering..."What can you do when your dreams come true and it's not quite like you planned? What have you done to be losing the one you held it so tight in your hand?..."
  4. This Land Is Your Land - Peter, Paul and Mary - I think this song should be the national anthem of the United States. It's more relevant and is easier to sing. And it's all kinds of awesome. Speaking of awesome - Peter, Paul and Mary - love them!
  5. The Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga - This is probably my favorite Lady Gaga song, and I like most of her songs. It's definitely a "dance alone in the living room"'s invigorating and happy! And the Clarence Clemons solo in the video - one of his last performances - way to stay current Clarence...such a loss. Good for Gaga to feature him in her video!
  6. Chasing Pavements - Adele - This girl is amazing! Her songs are so evocative...coupled with her voice they are raw emotion. This is one of feel her confusion and pain. And she's so young, I can't wait to see what she does next.
  7. Mucho Corazón - Beny Moré - Moré is my favorite Cuban singer hands down. This is just one of his many phenomenal boleros. And the orchestra...listen to those horns. This makes me want to dance.
  8. See You Soon - Coldplay - I don't know this song, but like all the Coldplay songs I've heard, I like it. I don't really know a lot of their stuff other than the "hits" - maybe I'll set up a Pandora Coldplay station. Plus I think Chris Martin's a cutie.
  9. Many the Miles - Sara Bareilles - Another song I don't know, Pandora's shuffling up lots of new music for me today. I like it, and I really like her voice. This song is kinda bluesy with gospel sounding back up vocals.
  10. Coyote - Joni Mitchell - Wow, I hadn't heard this song in years! It's supposed to be autobiographical where she tells about an affair she had with Sam Shepard. It's an odd song rhythmically and not especially sing-alongable, but with that voice this woman can do anything and it sounds fantastic. And how cool is this video from the movie "The Last Waltz"?

So there you have it boys and girls. Next Friday I will be in the Philadelphia 'burbs in a post-Thanksgiving stupor. Who knows what will happen!

Have a great weekend and try to start a little pandemonium of your own.



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