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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm Practically Done!

Just a few days ago I was mildly freaking out about Christmas shopping. I'm better now. Why? Because I'm almost done! YAY! Between and I have about 95% of my Christmas shopping done.

I do feel a bit guilty about buying from big companies rather than smaller, independent stores - but since I have lots of gifts to buy and I have to send everything out of town, the free shipping and the lower prices were impossible to pass up.

I'm really happy with the presents I got, I think the kids will like them. (sigh) I have finally accepted that for the older's time to buy them gift cards. I know that's what they want - all pre-teens and teens want gift cards, but it seems so impersonal. I realize that as they start to get older that'll be the way to go. But I'm still getting them books and ornaments so they'll have something to unwrap!

Hopefully everything will be in PA by the time we get there next week, then I'll wrap the PA stuff and leave it there, and bring the Texas stuff back to send from here. When we get home I'll only have the gift exchange gift to buy - YAY!

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