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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall(ish) 2011 New TV Shows

So...what are you watching? What new TV shows have caught your fancy?

As usual, I went through the new offerings for Fall 2011 and programmed the DVR to record the first episodes of those that had potential.

My original list of new shows (I've crossed out those I dumped or got canceled) - Terra Nova, Pan Am, The Playboy Club -
what? I like period pieces! OK, you're right (hangs head in shame), Charlie's Angels, American Horror Story, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Person of Interest, Homeland and Boss.

Of all the keepers, which is my favorite? I gotta go with "American Horror Story". It is creepy and freaky and kinky and all kinds of awesome! "Revenge" is really good too and "Grimm" shows potential.

Of the ones on which I gave up, the biggest surprise was "Person of Interest" - the premise is great, but I found *no* chemistry between the leads and frankly I was bored.

Cable and premium channels have certainly made a difference in the quality and content of TV - as the regular broadcast channels have fallen into the pit of hell that is reality TV. But that's perhaps fodder for another post.

Final thought...DVR - Best.Thing.Ever.

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