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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top 9 - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

So today they pick from the always controversial Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...good field from which to mine.

Look how pretty Jennifer looks! And Steven was coherentish during the intro. Randy shut up.

Jacob Lusk Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson) - Fabulous song; keep it under control Jacob; nice, he's singing it really well, a little screaming is fine; he looked good no weird faces; it was fine but a little boring... Score - 6.

Haley Reinhart - Piece of My Heart - Before the break Ryan said she's doing Janis! OH NO SHE IS NOT! No! Just no!; GAH! She's doing Janis!; she looks good; sounds bad; you don't have to growl every word!; I don't like it; how do you make Janis boring? I love that song and she killed it. Score - 4.

Casey AbramsHave You Ever Seen the Rain? (Creedence Clearwater Revival) - fabulous song!; I'm digging the bass; I like it; he's a little weird still, but it works here; it was good; OK so I'm starting to get Casey. Score - 8

Lauren AlainaNatural Woman (Aretha Franklin) - really Alaina? You're doing Aretha?; a phenomenal song! not loving the look; actually it's not bad; ok...she only yelled a little; it was really quite good; but she's still boring. Score - 7.

James DurbinWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps (George Harrison) – beautiful song; wow his voice is beautiful; he can do soft!; and then he yelled! and it was good! loved it!... Score - 9.

Scotty McCreery
That's Alright Mama (Elvis Presley)Love this song!; he's changing it up; oh no...he tried to be sexy and that was bad; "all hat and no cattle" Steven?; I don't know the performance was weird, I didn't hate it, but I'm confused; his voice was excellent as always, but I don't think I can deal with a sexy Alfred E. Newman; the girls rushing the stage - staged or really bad security?. Score - 9.

Pia ToscanoRiver Deep Mountain High (Tina Turner) – one of my favorite songs ever!; she's gorgeous!; she was fantastic; classy as hell; WOW! Loved it! She nailed it! Score - 10.

Stefano LangoneWhen A Man Loves A Woman (Percy Sledge)another favorite songs; a difficult song; he's really cute; he has such a pretty voice ooh a little edge!; then it got sweet; it was less boring but still needs a little ooomph. Score - 8.

Paul McDonaldFolsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)amazing songl the train is comin' 'round the bend and headed for a train wreck; awful; he's smiling too much, treating it like a party song - it's about PRISON! Paul; he needs to go NOW; he has no voice. Score – 2

Who I Think *Should* Go: Paul McDonald

Who I Think *Will* Go: Paul McDonald

I think it was Pia's night. What did you think?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVED the show! For the most part, the contestants are really talented this year. My favorites are Casey, Scotty, Jacob, and Lauren. These are the singers that move me the most. Pia is really strong vocally, but I find her very boring onstage. I think either Paul or Stefano will go tonight. I am hoping its Paul. Personally, I think he is just awful! Enjoy the show tonight!

Maria Eugenia

10:47 AM  

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