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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Miami Book Fair International

It's Miami Book Fair time! It's my favorite event of the year...but I can't go this year. I always go to the weekend fair which is next weekend, but next Saturday we start our drive to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving.

In the 28 years the fair has been taking place, I've missed less than five of them. For the first 10-15 years I would take Friday off work to go all three days, usually doing all my book buying then, when there were less people. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for "author events". I've seen so many wonderful authors at the Book Fair, and I've also discovered genres and authors I wouldn't have known of had I not wandered into a random presentation.

I get the Fairgoers guide a few days before the fair and set up my schedule. There are always conflicts, where there are two or sometimes three events I want to attend taking place at the same time. Using a complex color coding system I identify priorities with "Must-sees" and backups highlighted in case one of the must-sees is cancelled. It's all very thought out, complicated and colorful!

It is definitely one of the shining stars in Miami's event-filled winters and one I won't miss unless I absolutely have to. So this year I'll be on the road while thousands enjoy the fair, but next year - I am so there!

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