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Friday, September 29, 2006

Willie Nelson

If you check my "What I'm Listening To" link today, you'll see "The Essential Willie Nelson". I'm going to go get a cup of coffee, put the CD into my office PC's CD disc player and have Willie serenade me while I work - it's a 2 disc set, so it should last a while.

I've always liked Willie and enjoyed his music and his persona, but I had never purchased a recording of his.

A couple of weeks ago law enforcement officials in Lafayette, LA decided they could make the world safer for democracy by boarding Willie's tour bus. Surprise, surprise - they confiscated 1.5 pounds of marijuana and .2 pounds of narcotic mushrooms. Well, I guess we could all sleep safer and feel secure for our kids now.

Immediately upon having this breaking news appear onthe CNN Newsbreaks I periodically get via e-mail, I went to and ouchased this CD set out of solidarity with Willie.

As Bill Maher said the other night in the "New Rules" segment of his show:
"Until we win World War III and crush the evildoers in what our president calls a "struggle for civilization" - all law enforcement people have to work on THAT, and not on busting Willie Nelson."
Rock on Willie!


Blogger sari said...

I like "Georgia On My Mind" and "Crazy"...have a spin of those on me.

Go Willie!

10:51 AM  

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